Texas [Catholic] church closes after priest dies, members get coronavirus

I think that’s the kind of worst-case scenario that the bishops everywhere are hoping to avoid. So very sad.

I will pray for his soul and for all the other priests and parishioners who have tested positive.


The priest had been diagnosed with pneumonia. Instead of isolating by himself, he went back to live with his fellow Redeptorist brothers (seven, I think). They too chose not to isolate. Now five of them are positive for COVID. Two of them even said Mass at the Church in this article. There were two bad decisions made, or at least on really bad decision made. No one who is symptomatic, or lives with someone who is, should be out in public until testing can be done.

Time will tell if there is any statistically significant increase from those who attended Mass here, and that was the only contact with these priests. If not, then we know that we can continue with the Mass everywhere, with the same precautions. If there is an outbreak, and the cause can be traced to Mass, we might have to close everything again.

What bothers me most is not the safety guidelines being insufficient, but how resistant Americans are to following them. Our state has mostly re-opened with some great guidelines. Yet now it seems that most are not following them. Now bars are set to open. Human behavior being what it is will likely result in new cases of COVID continuing in the near future.


I think that most are following the guidelines as well as they can. The problem is that, like so many safety precautions, it only takes a handful failing to follow guidelines to create safety issues for many others. We are not islands unto ourselves.


It’s a shame that many think they are! If we have to go through this all over again, I hope those that didn’t follow guidelines realize it’s their fault…somehow, I don’t think they will! :cry:


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