Texas radio station bans Madonna songs from the air: She's 'un-American'


She’s still releasing music? :stuck_out_tongue:

They’re just finding that out?

Actually, I don’t know about un-American … I’d rather think “exceedingly tacky” might be better. Oh, and don’t forget, when Sinead O’Connor tore up a picture of the Pope on television, it was Madonna who pointed out to Sinead and her ilk, that the real enemy was those who objectify and abuse women, and the pope was not the enemy. Maybe that gives the Material Girl a break?

LOL!~ That’s news to me as well.

Good for them! Maybe she would be happier back in England!

I could go the rest of my life without hearing a Madonna song again- gladly.


Here’s where the rubber meets the road.

Anti-Catholic and Anti-Christian? Certainly.

Immodest, promoting immorality, perversion and pornography? Certainly.

But “Un-American”? Give me a break. She is a child of the American 1980s. Her song “Material Girl” was enthusiastically embraced as a sign of the times back then. She is as much a product of American culture as televangelism, Twilight and the Simpsons. Perhaps “Un-Texan” would be a better descriptor. :smiley:

What are you confused about?

Madonna gets Dixie chicked…


Betcha this was some kind of ingenious form of reverse payola! Madonna’s people probably handed the dj’s a sack of dough for the publicity.

Radio, like print, is dead.
It doesn’t give her really any publicity she doesn’t have. It does satisfy a base of listeners within that tower radius.

Now if Spotify, pandora, Sirius, Amazon, etc did something like this it would have an impact.

But if you look at Maxirad’s original post, you’ll see that Fox News has it in their World Politics section. That equals lots and lots of exposure.

Plus, we’re giving her even more by talking about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know it has nothing to do with Madonna but if you do not mind,who or where sets the trends? Where do you find that?
Here there are still a couple of radio stations,huge,that set/mark, trends. It is kind of a " must" to have your music broadcasted there . Aside from digital media Spotify And what you ve mentioned. Do you know,Hoosier? Sorry for this parénthesis…

I don’t. I assume some big fat guy smoking a cigar at the record companies like in Wayne’s World.

Thank you. It has to do with many people’ s jobs here. And competition is very high.

Sorry if I wasn t clear,Hoosier. I mean our music here is still dependant on our radio stations trends. Like " Who has stolen my cheese" sort of thing,be attentive.
My question was how did you know about yours?
That was all.
We need to know in advance what the trend is here ( not in US). So I wondered how you did there without specific radio station trends
Thanks again. And sorry if it wasn t clear. I had to look up your Wayne stuff BTW.

Not around Austin…

She also sings? I thought all she has ever done was drop charges against Sean Penn and participate in marches paid for by George Soros. :shrug:

Her chosen name is a derogatory stab at the Blessed Virgin. I’d rather call her something else. Un-Madonna? She is the antithesis to everything the Virgin Mary is.