The Being Who Sits at God's Left Hand

A theological problem that has tormented me… If Jesus rightly sits at the Right Hand of God (Matthew 22.44), metaphorically-symbolistically, then naturally the question arises: Who sits at the “Left Hand of God”?

I have heard everything from “the Holy Spirit” to “Satan as God’s Shadow-Avenger” and “Gabriel as Angelic Dispenser of God’s Punishment”… Is there anything remotely resembling a remotely “official” position, Catholically?

Thanks in advance to anyone with any special knowledge.

Sincerely, a Catholic seeker

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There is no being or person in scripture sitting on God’s left. Just because someone is sitting on His right doesn’t automatically mean that someone has to be sitting on His left.

God bless.


Thank you for the response Gabriel.

The threefold trinity can be pictured as having God-the-Father at the top, and underneath on the right side Jesus Christ our Lord, and on the left the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost. Christologically conceived!

So this question is actually not quite as absurd as it seems from the surface…

Another brain-stimulating piece of information: Did you know according to old and widespread Catholic traditionary sources the Archangel Gabriel sits on the “Left hand side of God”? Some old authors even refer to Gabriel as “the Left Hand of God” Himself. Any interesting brainstorming?

I am not blundering mindlessly, only uncertain as to the answer to my esoteric inquiry…but esoteric equals not invalid, abortive or fallacious…

Speculative answers are the only possibility.

Assuming there is someone sitting there in the first place, then there are only 3 likely possibilities - the Holy Spirit (who is a person in the Godhead, despite His title), Mary as the “Mother of God” and “Mother of the church”, or Gabriel the archangel.

I can’t think of too many others. It certainly wouldn’t be Satan. God and Satan can’t stand each other, and in any case Satan’s final destination is the Lake of Fire, not a throne.

Thank you for your (name removed by moderator)ut, “Mr. Crowley”.

At this point, I have too also disappointingly realized **speculative **answers are the only possibility–unless someone else has fresh theological evidence???

Right, as you said, “assuming there is someone sitting there in the first place”–you are a good student of the scientific method. :slight_smile:

I agree with you about the Holy Spirit and Gabriel as very strong theoretical candidates, but not our Mother. I am a soldier of Our Mother, but having gone through “mariolatric” training by screwed-up priests who told me “Mary=God” has left me with a distinct cognition of the Blessed Mother’s non-Deity… Instead of Mary, I would hypothesize Lucifer in his pre-fallen state as Archangelic Viceregent Prince of the Angelic Hierarchy, possible names being “Seraphiel” or “Cherubiel” or “Angel of the Crown” or something as more likely, honestly…

In light of the difficulties associated with reconciling the Luciferian figure into the position despite the seeming fit due to Luficerian association with the “Left Hand path”, etc., I have concluded, if there is a being there (-- not literally! :slight_smile: --), it is most likely the Holy Spirit/Holy Ghost, or the Archangel Gabriel.

If anyone has deeper thoughts, share away…

The question doesn’t make sense unless the phrase, “sit at the left hand”, is defined.

We know that God is Spirit and as such does not have a left or right, let alone have hands. The phrase must be figurative. Figuratively, sitting at the right hand of God means that Christ is in a position of power. He is God’s right hand Man… so to speak.

Speculating that one being or another is at God’s left is meaningless because the phrase is undefined.

The phrase “sit at the left hand” is implicitly defined in the same exact sense as Jesus Christ is described figuratively as “sitting at the right hand of God.”

The figurative nature of the description is blatantly obvious. I am not sure why or how this constitutes an impasse to comprehension, however.

The question is not meaningless, as the phrase is defined in the same sense as Jesus “sitting at the right hand of God”, and many individuals have testified to the meaningfulness of the question and provided very thoughtful answers–the consensus seems to be the Archangel Gabriel as Vindicator of God sits at the left hand of God, or is stylized the “Left Hand of God” himself (forum member (name removed by moderator) has vouched to this postulate as Traditional); or possibly but less conclusively, the Holy Spirit, in some unknown way… (The indefinite interconnections between Gabriel the Archangel and the Holy Spirit are also relevant…)

It seems that the posters assumed that God’s “left hand side” is another position of power and righteousness.

I have heard the phrase left hand to mean the opposite of the right hand, whereas one’s right hand man can be counted upon to be always reliable and do the right the thing, one’s left hand man is the opposite. He is unreliable and often commits errors.

I once heard a credible sounding lecture on this, but I don’t remember the name of the speaker.

He said that the scene was modeled after the cultural ideas about how a courtroom was laid out. One the left would be the prosecutor, and on the right the defender. In this model, as I recall, it takes all three, (satan, Jesus, and God the Father) to make it something – not “official” but some word like that – that justice has truly been served.

It’s like the idea Jesus can defend us before His Father only if there were a prosecutor to defend against.

It may not be correct, but I think it makes a pretty good story. :slight_smile:

Who has seen the movie, “Defending Your Life?” It’s been one of my all time fav’s.


I’ve often heard the expression “my Right-hand man” as a person you can rely on to get the job done in your absense, however, I have never heard of the expression “my left-hand man”.

Decided to look on Google and found that some people do use the term left-hand man.

left hand man

  1. In a wedding party, the next ranking groomsman after the best man. Often the X-factor at the bachelor party, and wedding reception responsible for turning things up a notch.

  2. On a gang or team, the third ranking member. Often a wild card or tough guy.
    “After winning and then losing 3 grand at the blackjack tables, I brought a couple strippers back to the bachelor party suite, and finished them both off. Just another night glorious night as a left hand man.”

Historical examples: Mr. T in The A-Team, Zach Galifianakis in The Hangover, Dennis Rodman on the Chicago Bulls, Raphael from ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’, Will Ferrel in ‘Old School’, Booger in ‘Revenge of the Nerds’,