The best First Communion song ever...

OK, I didn’t get too many bites on my ‘challenge’ thread from a couple days ago. I was looking to add a positive angle to the music criticism I’ve seen here.
Maybe asking for two whole masses worth of song suggestions was too much…

What is the most Catholic,most appropriate First communion mass song you can think of???

Background for this one:

I am planning music for next year’s First Communion mass. I have the luxury of being allowed quite a bit of time in their CCD classes to teach songs for that mass to the children. There were over 60 first communicants at this year’s mass. They sat together and you could really hear them singing the songs as a group.
Everyone loved it… hearing the kids sing as a group during the mass. I am being prodded to start teacing the kids again in September. when CCD resumes…
So… give me your best ideas…

I still remember the song we sang at my First Communion over forty years ago. I remember exactly how it sounded with the whole Communion class singing. I still sing it silently to myself in preparation for Communion, or as an act of spiritual communion when I am not at Mass.

"Jesus, Jesus, Come to Me"

Jesus, Jesus, come to me,
All my longing is for Thee.
Of all friends the best Thou art,
Make of me Thy counterpart.

Jesus, I live for Thee,
Jesus, I die for Thee.
I belong to Thee
Fore’er in life and death.

maybe I’ve been around kids too long but I love Shine Jesus Shine, but then, I also love Panis Angelicus. We actually had both for most of the 1st communion Masses this year. I also like We Are One Body by Dana Scallon.

If you’ve got a good boy soprano or three, “Panis Angelicus” kicks butt. “Tantum Ergo Sacramentum”, maybe?

I like this one.

I cast a second vote for “Jesus, Jesus, Come to Me.” It was my favorite hymn when I was a child in the 1950’s, and I was happy to find that our parish has been having the children sing it during the Mass of First Holy Communion for years. Our former pastor loved it, and had the children sing it. His successor has continued the practice. The children sound like angels.

Jesus, My Lord, My God, my All.

Our little church and school has done

I Want To Walk as a Child of the Light
I want to follow Jesus…

for several years and its very moving and heartfelt.

Good luck

You’ve got to squeeze in “Ecce Panis Angelorum” (Behold the Bread of Angels). It’s very pretty (even catchy) and a children’s group could pick it up without too much trouble (I know, since our boy’s group did so)

You can hear the melody here (number 17):

English translation:

Panis Angelicus

Adoro te Devote or Pange Lingua Gloriosi.

“Panis Angelicus” and I also love “Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All”.

When I taught music there was a communion song the children liked. I can’t seem to find the title or the composer but here are the lyrics for the first verse and maybe the 2nd?:

  1. Blessed are you, Lord, God of all creation
    Through your goodness, Lord, bread and wine are taken
    Bread is your body, come to be our bread of life
    Wine is your blood and we offer both as sacrifice
    blessed be God forever.

  2. Blessed are you Lord, taking on humanity
    Through your goodnesss Lord, we can share divinity
    Bread is your body…etc

  3. Blessed are you Lord

I can’t remember all the other verses and if they are okay, or not. It’s a very easy song to learn and beautiful when the chidlren sing it. I just hope it’s not by one of the dreaded composers (you know who I mean), because I always liked it :blush: It used to be in one of the major music books (OCP or GIA?), though, so chances are good there are problems with it, lol (I have a lack of confidence in picking Catholic music anymore, lol)

Well, that was probably no help! LOL


My top 5 would be (in no particular order):

Jesus, Jesus, Come To Me

Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All

Oh Lord, I Am Not Worthy

Soul Of My Savior

Sacred Heart Of Jesus, Fount Of Love And Mercy (In St. Gregory Hymnal)

Stay clear of the “new age stuff” such as “Table A Plenty”, “Seed Scattered And Sown”, etc. In my opinon, those are heretical - keep the hearts of the children on Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament!

May God be with you!

Pange Lingua Gloriosi gets my vote! I think the kids will have wonderful memories of their First Communion with this song.

For something more contemporary, but appropriate, The Supper of the Lord" (Laurence Rosania) has a beautiful melody and has some significant words from John 6. The chorus goes:

*Precious Body, Precious Blood
Here in bread and wine
Here the Lord prepares the Feast Divine
Bread of life is broken now, cup of life is poured
Come, share the supper of the Lord
“I am the bread of heaven giving life to you
You that eat this bread shall never die”

Second vote for this one!!!

“In Him there is no darkness at all,
the night and the day are both alike,
The Lamb is the light of the city of God,
Shine in my heart, Lord Jesus!”

I love to hear kids sing this one!

Me too. This is what we sang at my first communion some 42 years ago. I have it on good authority that second graders can learn Panis Angelicus and Gift of Finest Wheat, also that Haugen or Haas version of the Maginifcat (one of two songs I like by them).

We sang this at my First Communion too, in 1960! Also:

I need Thee, precious Jesus,
I need a friend like Thee!
A friend to soothe and sympathize,
A friend to care for me!
I need Thy heart, sweet Jesus,
To feel each anxious care,
I long to tell my every want,
And all my sorrows share!


I used to like this one until I realized that it teaches consubstantiation - “Precious Body, Precious Blood, here in bread and wine”. If the words were changed to “…once was bread and wine…” then I might sing it again.

I was delighted to read the following from Beno (which I edited somewhat for brevity).

Precious Body, Precious Blood
Here in bread and wine…

I used to like this one until I realized that it teaches consubstantiation - “Precious Body, Precious Blood, here in bread and wine”. If the words were changed to “…once was bread and wine…” then I might sing it again.

Good for you, Beno in Kansas! Good thinking, good response.

As for Jesus, Jesus, Come to Me, I also sang this at my First Communion. It can be found in the St. Gregory’s Hymnal. And (along with PhilotheaZ), I often sing this in my mind before communion.