The blessed Virgin Mary had the gift of tongues!

Well everybody knows that Our Lady is full of grace and that she was also at the first pentecost with the others. Yes she prayed in tongues then for sure.

Have you ever thought about that though? She actually had a gift that many see as not important. But how different her view of it must have been. “Fiat, be it done to me according to Thy Will. I am the handmaid of the Lord”


She did? Scripture and tradition say nothing about this so it must be your opinion

Yes, she was there on Pentecost, and yes, she almost certainly got the gift of tongues. But what’s described in Acts was “understandable speech in the language of someone else present”, not just a glossolalic excitement.

It’s an interesting thought and possibility, for sure! :thumbsup: Although… as one poster pointed out, there is no mention of it… in Sacred Scripture.

At all of the approved Visions… (Lourdes, Fatima, Guadalupe… etc.) where Our Lady spoke to the visionary… she was reported to have spoken the native tongue. Even when she spoke to St. Bernadette… Our Lady spoke the peasant dialect of the region… I believe it was called “Patois”.

All things are possible with God! :slight_smile:

You know I was thinking about that, and I wonder if words were actually used ,or it was just some sort of mind to mind communication…no one else heard anything at all

It is interesting to thik of how apparitions might happen, perhaps the Virgin appears in the persons mind and that is why others can’t see her or hear her? Kind of like some sort of mental telepathy

Hmmm. Yes, very interesting point “RRT”. The fact that no one else heard anything. Our Lady surely must have “spoken” in some way… to the hearts and souls of the visionaries. Perhaps… with a special “Heavenly Language”… which they heard in their minds or hearts, as their own native tongues? :shrug:

Very interesting! It would make sense… right? Because all of us THINK in our native tongues. Up till now, I’ve always “thought” in english! :wink: So… I guess if a Heavenly Visitor wanted to convey something to me… it would have to be in english!

I think some day in Heaven… we’ll get a BIG laugh out of how we used to ponder all of this, while still on earth. :smiley:

We also dream in our own language and hear spoken word even though no one was talking

I wonder if a vision is purely an internal manifestation…real and true but occurring in our inner selves

I have dreamed in my second and third languages. What does that mean? :blush:

I don’t know…You recognized each language though it wasn’t actually spoken…I wonder if this is how apparitions work?

Nobody has proved that the senseless babbling indulged in by Pentecostals and Charismatics is the same as the Biblical gift of tongues.

My dear friend

A nice thought but I can’t see Her praying in tongues like we see today. She is the Queen of the Universe and like all Queens must behave appropriately. The speaking in tongues after pentecost probably refers to speaking and the diverse listeners all hear in their own language. Was it St Paul who likely condemned the speaking in tongues we now see unless their was an interpreter, because it’d be wasting time?
Our Blessed Mother was a mystic, a victim soul , Queen and Mother of the church and possessed more grace than the rest of us combined whilst she lived. We can read all Her titles the church has given Her to honour Her in Her litany. She really is blessed. Devotion to Her means heaven. She doesn’t let Her children perish. The holy rosary is the greatest devotion.

God bless you:thumbsup::slight_smile:

Stop making assumptions. Please show us where in Scripture it states Mary had the gift of tongues. You will not find it because you are making it up.

I hope that this thread hasn’t offended anybody too much!

Okay so I meant this as a great compliment to her, and I am sorry for those of you who love Her but do not love the idea of praying in tongues!!!

Okay just to sum all of this up, just let me say that first of all, the Catholic Church accepts praying in tongues that we do in the charismatic renewal as not false. If you would like me to explain this, I would be willing to give it a try.

K, once that is out of the way, let me explain about Mother Mary and tongues,

The traditional reason why she does pray in tongues is that she is full of grace and has every true grace available to humanity, she is the Treasury of All Graces.

the scriptural reason is that she was there at pentecost and received teh very same grace that they all did that fateful day: you know, a bit of wind, and lil ol spark, kinda firey, from heaven n all. Then some good ol fashion speaking in languages tht the hearers hear in their own language. Although some accused them of being drunk when they heard them.

I hope that this helps a bit so that you might actually like the gift of tongues more!

btw, I love how this thread turned into one about Mary and her being able to speak other languages.

Praise God!

St Paul made very clear that not all men have all of the gifts of the spirit which he names, not by a long shot. So not all have the gift of tongues either. So there is absolutely no reason to assume Mary had this particular gift, any more than there is to assume that all men would have it if all were filled with the Holy Spirit.

I don’t deny its importance at all, just the universality that you would attribute to it. And Mary being the Treasury of All Graces is irrelevant in this context. A grace is a very different thing from a practical gift, such as teaching, preaching, or tongues.

Mary, for example, while possessed of all graces, was never given the GIFT that priests have that enables them to confect the Eucharist or administer the other sacraments. Mary could not do these things.

My dear friend
Following St Pauls advice there is nothing wrong with praying in tongues. our Blessed Mother became the greatest Queen ever when she gave her fiat, and it’s not appropriate for a Queen to pray this way because you’ve seen the responses. We can read much of Her life in the visions of mystics and she never prayed in tongues. If anyone wants to then that’s fine. Go for it. The purpose of Pentecost was not this though. It was to kick start the church. Don’t take offense if you encounter diverse opinions. You get more bees with honey.
God bless you:)

oh if you but knew the gift of God!

I guess you are saying that Mary is above the gift of tongues or that there is something wrong with this Gift of the Holy Spirit, but wouldn’t that be like saying that Mary is beyond the Holy Spirit? I doubt it!

pece be with you

She is greater than you guys think!

I knew that I would come up against alot of people who reject this gift, but hey, not everyone can accept all that God offers. I thank God, along with St. Paul, that I speak in tongues!

I’m trying to learn more about our Blessed Mother…

well I think that she was given every grace there is and she gives those graces to us too as the Mediatrix. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if that means she had every spiritual gift though. Maybe she possesses all graces but since her full glory was revealed afterwards, maybe this wasn’t evident on earth. I read that she lived a very humble life, and didn’t do any great miracles, although she could have of course. She lived so humbly so that in Heaven she could be Queen, cause whoever humbles themselves will be exalted… Mary lived a hidden life. I’m just speculating here!! :slight_smile:
So I don’t know if Our Lady had every spiritual gift there is, like healing or prophesy, I don’t know if she had the stigmata except how her Heart was pierced by a sword. From what I read about her, it suggests otherwise, that she did not have these particular gifts, but that she still had the fullness of grace and loved God like no one has ever loved Him. Her glory was just ‘hidden’ for a while, so that she’d share in Christ’s life.

I’m not saying she didn’t speak in tongues, nor am I saying that she did… I actually don’t know, and I’m undecided on that right now. I think it’s an interesting concept though. I’d love to find out someday. :slight_smile: I’d have no problem if she did.

I am very offended by this assumption that we are rejecting anything. As a woman I know the greatness of the gift that priests have which enable them to consecrate the Eucharist, as I am sure that Our Lady did. I am sure that, like her, as a woman I know that I will never receive this gift, nor do I want it (as I am sure she didn’t either).

To acknowledge these facts doesn’t constitute a rejection in any way of the gift!

Mary always leads us back to Christ…Christ performed the first miracle of his ministry( that is recorded) because she asked him to

I think this is an important thing to remember, she asked Christ to perform a miracle, she didn’t do it herself…Like a good Jewish son, He listened to His Mother

Mary never tries to exalt herself, she never pushed to the front shouting look at me…she remained in the back ground obedient and holy

I really don’t think we should be deciding just how much others love Mary, and venerate her…It is not our business to judge the faith of others because they don’t speak in tongues

I don’t think I would ever want to to begin with