The Chinese Communist Party is rewriting the Bible

The CCP wishes for there to be nothing higher than their authority, and views love for anything besides their Marxist-Leninist regime with vicious jealousy.

I’d say we could all agree this is not a good mindset for any regime to have.

I’m extremely sceptical of anything reported by Fox News.

However, the Chinese government themselves admit that they want to sinicize Christianity and to make it “compatible with the country’s path of socialism”:

Doesn’t sound a whole lot different from Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi wanting to recast Catholicism so that support for abortion rights is seen as a good thing. Pelosi has already asserted that she knows more about the matter than the Church does, because she’s had five children.

One of the sources is UCA News, reporting in 2020:

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It’s a blasphemy to suggest Jesus was a sinner.

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