'The Chosen' is AMAZING

Now that the first four episodes have been out for a while (the next are set to release around Thanksgiving), what do you think of it?

For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, ‘The Chosen’ is the first ever, multi season drama on the life of Christ, portrayed through the eyes of those who met Him. It’s a completely crowdfunded effort. The director, Dallas Jenkins (who is a Protestant, I think) has done an amazing job. As part of his ongoing research on the project, he regularly consults with a Rabbi, a Catholic priest, and a Protestant minister for insights into different themes. This collaboration and dialogue between those of differing beliefs and the open-mindedness of all parties involved is a refreshing thing to see!

Anyways, this show…I’m somewhat obsessed with it at the moment… What I love most about it is that Jesus in particular (played by Jonathan Roumie; an ethnically middle eastern actor and a practicing Catholic :smiley: ) is portrayed in such a charmingly human way, all without compromising His sinlessness or shortchanging His divinity. It’s so, SO refreshing and thought provoking. The other characters are also very well acted. Each and every one is multidimensional and bearing their own kinds of brokenness.

Long story short, I can’t recommend this show enough! In my opinion, it is to TV series what ‘The Passion of the Christ’ was to movies. It’s that good and that important…

The first episode is free to watch if you wanna give it a go… https://studios.vidangel.com/the-chosen/player

It’s a Vid Angel series and, usually I don’t really expect too much from them other than mediocre, sappy Christian films, to be blunt…Ignore that and watch it… now.

As a side note, ‘Unplanned’ was pretty good though…


I’m currently listening thru the Wheel of Time series, and “The Chosen” means something quite different in that world :open_mouth:

Back on topic, if it’s pay-to-watch after the first episode, I’m going to give it a pass.


As it is a crowd funded effort, yes it is a pay to watch after episode one.

I watched it a couple months ago and really enjoyed it. I’m excited to see how the next few episodes turn out.

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I really liked the first episode, and posted about it here. Someone else had a thread about it, and the consesus was the director and his father are very anti-catholic (I don’t know if there is any truth to this). But I did stop watching because of that. Maybe I should buy the next few eposides and give it another chance.

Does Jesus establish the Catholic Church and institute the Sacraments in this depiction?

The series hasn’t gotten that far so I’m not sure how they’ll handle it. The first season left off with Jesus calling Simon - St. Peter and St. Andrew to follow Him.

Like I said in my OP, he enlisted the help of a Rabbi, a Protestant, and a Catholic priest for insight :slight_smile:
I think I saw the thread you are talking about and someone came to that conclusion because his dad wrote stories based on the Rapture (someone else said that the book itself didn’t say anything against Catholicism but simply use the Rapture as a plot point).

The fact that he would ask advice from a priest among others for what is his passion project… would seem a strange move if he really was anti Catholic…

There are videos online of Dallas and these three consultants having round table discussions on different subjects. It’s quite encouraging :slight_smile:

But yes, I do encourage you to keep going with it! It only gets better :smiley:

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He only just called his first apostles to follow Him (Simon, Andrew, James and John). This will be a lengthy project if/when it goes that far. Only time will tell :slight_smile:

Maybe with all the research Dallas does for the film, he’ll give the Catholic Church a serious look :wink:

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