The Chronicles of Narnia - Age appropriateness


I have an 8yr that is an avid reader. He’s seen these on my shelf and has expressed some interested. Any opinions as to what age a child could start to read these and what age would be appropriate?


absolutely, that is the age of the younger children in the books, beginning with Lucy. Be prepared to discuss them and answer questions. Can’t say the same about the movies, have not seen them, but the child should definitely read the books before seeing the movies.

In my opinion, right now. :smiley: My husband and I the read the entire Chronicle series to our daughters when they were seven and finished right after their eighth birthday. We had plenty of rich conversations about God and faith based on them. Plus, they’re just cracking good stories.

Our kids are now - at 10 - total fantasy junkies. :rotfl:

Our daughter loves them!! My husband read them to her when she was younger, then she started reading them the last year or so (she’s 9 now) on her own. For Christmas - she got her own boxed set. She’s almost through the series. She’s seen all of the current movies after reading the books. The only thing that frightened her were the war scenes at the beginning of the first movie - with the bombs and stuff. I’ve never seen the movies but was on the computer while she was watching one - and the lion was chained down and it seemed pretty dark - but she proceeded to tell me the meaning behind it all and what it meant and how it has a happy ending b/c he doesn’t really die, etc. So she gets it. I say go for it!:thumbsup:

I first read them in third grade, so anytime between third and fifth grade should be no problem, depending on how they’re able to manage chapter books. The words and the content shouldn’t be a problem— but some kids need books with more pictures for a longer time. :slight_smile: If he’s curious, I’d encourage that. If it doesn’t click, give it another shot in six months or a year, and it might go over better.

I think I first read Lion, Witch and Wardrobe in grade school. My sister had a boxed set and I would read her copy. I didn’t read a few of the others until I was older (my mom and dad read Voyage of the Dawn treader to me though); read my own copies of Magician’s Nephew and Prince Caspian within the last several years. I’d say 2nd grade and higher would be a good age. I still need to read The Horse and Its/His Boy…I bought it, but have not read it and after watching my VOTDT DVD, I decided I might want to read Silver Chair.

I’m not sure how young I was when I read The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe the first time - definitely early grade school. I remember liking it a lot. What I remember even more though, is RE-reading it in late grade school and being fascinated by the allegory; much of what I had missed the first time through. I wonder if I’d have appreciated it so much the second time around without the first?


I remember very well the time I was introduced to the Narnia books, when I was about 8. Our teacher started to read them to us on a Friday afternoon as a treat. she would read a few chapters, and just when it was getting to an exciting cliffhanger she would SNAP! the book shut, leaving us groaning and eagerly waiting for next Friday’s instalment. I started reading the books on my own so I could find out what happened next - I absolutely loved the stories. I re-read them when I was about 14 and it was then that I got the Christian themes.

I think 8 is about the right age to start reading them. I do hope your son enjoys them!