"The Frank Friar" first-hand reports from the Bronx

Not sure if anyone follows Fr. Nick, “The Frank Friar” on social media - he’s a Carmelite friar and priest living in the Bronx near the 46th Precinct police station - but he’s been posting a lot of on-the-spot videos from last night and today regarding the situation in his neighborhood, which is apparently a lot of looting with the police standing by because they don’t have enough police to control looters, and only stepping in if somebody is doing arson or violence or other terroristic stuff.

Apparently he spent last night live streaming the Rosary on Zoom for the benefit of his local Catholic neighbors who were messaging and stuff that they were scared and couldn’t sleep with all the racket. He also stood out front of his residence blessing people who went by. He said a couple of looters put down their stolen stuff and left after he blessed them.

I personally find these on-the-spot eyewitness sources a lot better than news media. If anyone else wants to see his vids or follow along, he’s at



I agree, great account, I followed him on twitter.

Now, this morning and I find out via twitter so, it’s not a 100% news source but residents of North Minneapolis, the so-called “black neighborhood” are asking for more police patrols in North Minneapolis, just look up “North Minneapolis” on twitter, trending now…

And what’s more, is you will find the local leader of the NAACP and about 50 helpers are now, patrolling North Minneapolis against looters and arsonists… so there we go.

Thanks for posting this, you are correct… these are some of the best sources for news, a good one is.


Thanks for posting.

Yes, I watched some of his livestream last night. Getting an on-the-spot local perspective is always best. That’s why I check with my friends in Minneapolis first, for what’s going on there.

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