The Man Whose Life St. Maximillian Kolbe Saved in Auschwitz Nazi Concentration Camp, Afterwards Tells His Story

This article reports on what he said in a Catholic Church in 1990. After Franciszek Gajowniczek lamented his wife and children when he was sentenced to death in Auschwitz Nazi concentration camp, Father Maximillian Kolbe asked to take his place; this act of heroism of giving his life was important in Saint Kolbe’s canonization. After the fall of the Nazis, he made it his mission to tell what Saint Kolbe did. “So long as he had a breath in his body,” he said, “he would consider it his duty to tell people about the heroic act of love.” He died in 1995, 53 years after his life was spared. Franciszek Gajowniczek had been put in Auschwitz for defending Jews from the Nazis.

The more I read about St. Kolbe, the more I am inspired by his life. I am currently reading a new book on him, as my son took him as his Confirmation saint. His heroic virtue was responsible for the conversion of the head of the concentration camp just before he was put to death. I think it was Rudolf Hearst (sp?). Sorry, I am being lazy. I should know this by heart.