The Original days of the Mysteries of the Rosary

I’ve been looking up information on the Original days of the Mysteries of the Rosary and I haven’t been able to find what I was looking for. Does anyone know what the original days of the Mysteries of the Rosary were?

I know that the Luminous Mystery was not originally on Thursdays, but was an addition by Pope John Paul II. But that doesn’t really interest me. I want the original way. Does anyone know? Can you help me?

Thank you, if you do.

Oh, I used to know. I think Tuesday was Sorrowful Mysteries, but I wouldn’t bet my life on it.

The Joyful Mysteries – Mondays & Thursdays
The Sorrowful Mysteries – Tuesdays & Fridays
The Glorius Mysteries – Wednesdays & Saturdays

The Mysteries for Sundays change depending on the season. Advent and Christmas are the Joyful Mysteries. Lent, The Sorrowful Mysteries. Easter and Ordinary Time, The Glorius Mysteries.

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Here you are:







Glorious (ordinary time)

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Edit: I think Kevin is right about the Sundays.

The Joyful Mysteries: Mondays, Thursdays, Sundays of Advent, and after Christmas and Epiphany
The Sorrowful Mysteries: Tuesdays, Fridays, Sundays of Septuagesima and Lent
The Glorious Mysteries: Wednesdays, Saturdays, Sundays after Easter and Pentecost

According to Fish Eaters, it would be in keeping with tradition to pray the sorrowful mysteries through all the days of Septuagesima and Lent.

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Yep, Mike thats the way I pray the Rosary.

this is a great little booklet with only the traditional mysteries that I found on eBay, check it out

Here’s a good article about the traditional way to say the Rosary: . It also includes the days you’re supposed to say it.

My comment: Yes, he is right.

To the best of my knowledge the days for specific mysteries were, and are a suggestion, maybe a recommendation. I have never seen a requirement that they be observed.

Actually we are supposed to pray according to the original way, which is known as Mary’s psalter or the Dominican Rosary. The 150 Hail Mary’s we say are a representation of the 150 psalms prayed by the monks in the monasteries. The “Luminous Mysteries” are only an option that can be prayed in addition to the regular psalter. I personally don’t pray them because I feel that it does away with the representation of 150 Hail Mary’s and 150 psalms. 200 Hail Mary’s just doesn’t seem right to me, and Mary is the one who gave us the original 15 mysteries and I don’t see any reason to add to that.