The Roman Catholic Church...

I’ve “heard” of this illusive Church, but have never seen one.

Does anyone know of this Chupacabraish Church that is so often mentioned here?

Where is it?

What’s the address?

When was it started?


(OK…that smiley is a lie…this one is more appropriate: :stuck_out_tongue: )

It must be a joke. The Chupacabra is a mythical blood-sucking animal believed (in Mexico) to be responsible for cattle mutilations and other scary stuff.


Right, there is no such church that I can find. I should know where it is as I am a Catholic, is that close enough? Just one word off.

I don’t know.

I’m at a loss.

This “church” has been thrown at me so many times, but I’ve yet to find one.


What are you talking about?
I know the Roman Catholic Church exists because I see on the internet all the time.
Sometimes sites are so lazy they leave out the Catholic part or use Romish.

Yeah…but “dont’ believe everything you see on the internet.” :smiley:

I was just wondering…was there ever such a thing as “The Roman Catholic Church”?

I think your first smiley is correct. I don’t know what is more confusing----your opening post or the connection between your reference to Matthew 10:34 and a picture of a worker at Medieval Times.

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Ha-zhar!!! Would ye like thou leather mug refilled with Diet Pepsi?

No wonder you find my smiley so “appropriate”…

…now, do you actually have an answer to the question?

Or are you :confused: ?

I rather prefer Popish or Popery because it smells so good.

Viva el Chupacabra!

I haven’t seen you picture one “The Roman Catholic Church” up there.


Probably because “The Roman Catholic Church” would be the totality of all those Roman Catholic churches together as a whole? What’s the point of this ‘clever’ question? :confused:

I have no idea. I am proudly Roman Catholic. “Roman” because Rome is the city where the Vatican is located, and “Catholic”, because it spans all of time and space - you cannot go anywhere that people can go without being in a Diocese of the Catholic Church.

Urbi et Orbis. (The city; the world.) :thumbsup:

I’ve never seen The Roman Catholic Church, yet I’m told that I’m a member of The Roman Catholic Church by non-Catholics.

I’m just trying to find out “what” Church they are referring to. :shrug:

How’s about this?


The Catholic Church of which I am a member is based upon the See of Rome. Its first head was the first Bishop of Rome, as well as its current head (and 99% if not all of those in between). Of course our leaders have also entitled ‘Pope’, but other religious leaders are also called ‘Pope’ (for example Pope Shenouda III of the Copts, who definitely isn’t the supreme head of MY Church). And it is defined by loyalty to said Bishop of Rome.

I have no problems with being identified as Roman Catholic or identifying myself as Roman Catholic. :highprayer:


Yeah, but you prefaced all that with “The Catholic Church”.

I’m talking about this mythical Church that exists that only non-Catholic Christians say exists.


One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism.

Roman. Catholic. :smiley:

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