The Significance of 3:33 AM

Hello, I want to share a strange occurance that happened to me last night. It’s happened before in the past but I often would forget about. Since it’s happened many times, I know it can’t be a coincidence.

I often wake up late at night but usually at random times. Last night, I woke up, sat up, and looked at my clock which read 3:33. It’s happened before and I must admit it’s starting to freak me out a bit. I know that 3s mean the trinity but I also know that 333 is half of the devil’s number. I’m not into numerology, I’m Catholic, but I’m just wondering. What significance could this mean? Is it good or bad? Thanks!

I would caution against thinking these are mutually exclusive. While most of us today may think numerology superstitious and bizarre, many early Christians embraced it as another profound level of meaning in the Word of God.

It means your neighbor is starting his car outside your bedroom window at 3:30.

(Just teasing a little!)

I cannot even guess at that.

Honestly, I wouldn’t read too much into it. I’ve had that happen sometimes where I’ll wake up with a jolt at the same specific time on several occassions in close proximity. To me it means nothing more than that my internal clock is functioning in a timely manner. :shrug:

3:33 adds up to 9, which is a good number, I guess, if you believe in that kind of stuff. I know that if I set an alarm for 6:30, then I will naturally wake up at 6:20. Your body will wake you up at the times you give significance to (which you may give significance to because of a few chance occasions.)

If it’s really starting to freak you out that much, try going to bed earlier/later or waking up earlier/later. The change in schedule may change your sleeping cycle causing you to wake up at a different time.

There is a third option.
Saying that it is the half of the devil’s number, well, any number could be made into something negative or positive; or, again, coincidental.
For a few years, I kept waking up at 3:15a. While I do not follow it, I was surrounded at the time by professionals in Chinese medicine and its theories, one of which is related to certain timeframes affecting certain parts of the body. In my case, there could be evidence of this. According to one professional, if I remember correctly, the heart (spirit) is most affected between 2-4a or 3-5a. This could make sense, as I had endured a horrible loss and had great difficulty grieving it, so, at those hours, my spirit was hurting even while sleeping.
Ultimately, I think it was just a matter of habit. My body, having done it once, was just creating a new schedule and thus I began waking at the same hour every night. Not that I was happy with that.

333 is the devil’s number???

I thought that was 666…


Dear Lost and Sad,

I am praying that you will soon be Found and Happy!

I too am Catholic, and I was taught that any form of divination, such as numerology, was a sin. I was also taught that when you wake up from a deep sleep, you are supposed to intercede for someone in prayer. Who you need to pray for, and why may or may not be known, but probably your Guardian Angel is waking you up for this. And this is not numerology, but there are spiritual meanings from the Jews for different numbers, can’t remember what they mean right now, like the numbers 3, 7, 12, and 40. Three usually is associated with the Holy Triune God for us Catholics. But no matter what time it is you wake up, always remember to pray! :gopray2:

God Bless you!


I have heard that 3 AM is frequently the hour of spiritual attacks, but don’t quote me on that. :shrug:

666 is the devil’s number. They just mentioned how 333 is half of 666.

I’ve had this happen. A lot.
What I usually do, is to think of it as an opportunity remember Our Lord’s passion.
Three o’clock is the hour of mercy. Granted, it was at 3 PM that He gave his life for us, but hey, it’s 3 PM somewhere in the world, even if it’s 3 AM where you are. :stuck_out_tongue:
Those who think it may be something demonic…well, take it away from the evil one.
Turn it into a chance to pray a short prayer before going back to sleep.
Stop wondering, and place your heart and mind into the hands of Our Lord (or Our Lady) and rest well.
Peace to you, and welcome to the forums, BTW. :slight_smile:

I doubt its nothing more than your internal body clock resetting itself to wake at that time…


I heard a story, and I believe it was here on CAF, that a man was asked by Jesus to suffer the stigmata between the hours of 12 - 3 AM because that was the time most sins of the flesh were committed by people. And the man agreed to it to make reparation for these sins.

There is also the idea 3 Pm, the hour Jesus died on the cross, is just the opposite to 3 AM, which would be the devil’s hour. This idea was in the movie “Emily Rose” in which the lawyer was being distrubed in her sleep at that hour. Emily Rose is supposedly based on a real story.

I don’t think it means anything. You give the numbers meaning yourself. Maybe someone in the neighborhood is coming or going around that time every day and something wakes you up.

A lot of people wake up around 2-3AM due to blood sugar issues. I’d vote physiological response, rather than paranormal.

I’ve woke up quite a few times and will suddenly have a thought about what time it is like 6:14, or 4:43 or some other exact time and then look at my watch and it is that exact time. I’ve also mostly abandoned the alarm clock and tell myself “I will wake up rested before 7” or whatever other time I choose and it works quite well. I do not like to be jangled awake by noise.

I suppose that if 3:33AM causes a spiritual awakening then that is good. I had a spiritual awakening in a dream 20 years ago. I remember the dream like it was yesterday. I won’t go into details about the dream but the dream brought me back to the Catholic Church about 10 years later. It was a pleasant but unforgettable dream. I have more questions today than answers but I stopped asking questions and turned it over to God. My life has become much more manageable during the last 20 years and I have not felt closer to God than I do today.

I believe that you are over reacting. Pray and then one should just shrug things like this off. According to a priest who is a psychologist also, the very act of over reacting in fear can open one to attack which is exactly opposite what one is supposed to do.


I woke up this morning at 5:20 am, and I was thinking
about my Vision of a Church FOR THE POOR, and
all of the sudden, I thought about “The Charge of the
Light Brigade” It was VERY discouraging, seeing I’m
up against THREE very imposing adversaries(the world,
the flesh and the devil), but MY SELF-IMAGE too!!!
I spent an extra few minutes in my morning wake-up
prayer, I’m telling you!:stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, I think you are just over reacting. It isn’t good to associate anytime of the day with the devil. You just have to pray and trust God and it will all be alright.

God bless.