The story of Red Skelton and his dying son

Red Skelton was a leading comedian a few decades ago, well known to Americans. At the height of his career, he learned that his son was going to die from leukemia. The story of what happened, during which Pope Pius XII had a role, can be seen at

Wow, this is an awesome story. I remember watching the Red Skelton Show when I was a little girl. I just loved him. God can really bring some thing good from tragedy and this is a wonderful example. Thank you for posting this.

“Good night and may God bless.”

What a beautiful story about a faith-filled family. Thank you for posting.

he was the last of generation of real clowns in the classic sense, and remnant of the golden age of TV comedy that did not rely on bathroom and bedroom humor, but on the real incongruencies in human behavior and relationships for laughs.

there is a made for TV drama from that era that I have seen at least twice in recent years, about an alcoholic father who lives in one room with his son, who adores his father but waits in trepidation each night to see if he comes home drunk or sober. The pathos is in how the son demonstrates his love for the father, which has a redemptive quality. Red was at his finest in that show only an hour, maybe only a half hour of pure genius.

we had a TV in the house only rarely until the late 60s, but that is one show we always watched together (Loretta Young was another).

Wow, what a story. How very sad for Red Skelton and his family.

I remember watching his show in the 1960s.

And he wasn’t even Catholic, that’s what’s amazing!