The title "Very Reverend"

I would just like to know what the title Very Reverend means. What is the difference between Very Reverend and Reverend in the priest’s title. Thanks! Edie

In my home diocese, “Very Reverend” distinguished the dean of an geographical area within the diocese. Does this help?

Same im my Diocese

I’ve been wondering the same thing. I know that the title “Monsignor” is just an honor given to a priest, and doesn’t mean a higher position. In fact many want to do away with it altogether.

According to Wikipedia the following persons use “The Very Reverend” in writing their name among Catholics:

Priests with various grades of jurisdiction above pastor (vicars general, judicial vicars, ecclesiastical judges, episcopal vicars, provincials of religious orders of priests, priors of monasteries, deans, vicars forance, archpriests, for instance)

Keep in mind this is a non-catholic source, so dont know how accurate it is.

In Orthodoxy and Eastern Catholicism, certain priests are given the honor of being archpriests or some such, with the style Very Reverend.

If they have a mitre (as a mitred archpriest or abbot), it’s Right Reverend.

Archimandrite, which is like an archpriest but it is for monastic priests, are also Very Reverend.

Provinical Priors are Very Reverend and Prior Generals (superior for the O.Carm.) are Most Reverend. They keep this title even after they finish serving in the office.

Archimandrite, which is like an archpriest but it is for monastic priests, are also Very Reverend.

I’ve met several Archimandrites (admittedly, all Orthodox) who are Rt. Rev.

Now at you said this, I believe you are correct. The pastor of the parish I attend when I am at home, which happens to be Melkite, is an archimandrite and is Right Reverend.

Reverend Mr. - Deacon
Reverend Fr. - Curate
Very Reverend Fr. - Parish Priest / Vicar Forane
Most Reverend Dr - Bishop

Reverend Brother - religious deacon
Father Deacon - Byzantine deacon

I have recently seen the use of The Very Rev. more often in the Anglican Catholic Church. This generally refers to the Dean of the Diocesan Cathedral. Our equivalent of a Monsignor is the designation of “The Rev. Canon”. The diocesan Bishop is the Bishop Ordinary, Bishop to the Ordinary. A Bishop is titled “The Right Reverend”, while the Archbishop Metropolitan is titled “The Most Reverend”. The diocese also has “The Venerable Archdeacon.” The Archdeacon is a lesser prelate and accordingly can perform certain functions of the Bishop in extreme cases.

There are several religious orders represented including OSB, OP, Franciscans, and others. Thank you for all who shared the various litanies of titles in the respective churches Catholic. Happy Ascension Day! One week to Pentecost Sunday!

My spiritual director is Very Reverend Father because he is the dean of his local deanery. I think we have about 4-5 deaneries in our diocese.