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Include any piquant reviews that you can find. Like this one from USA Today columnist Whitney Matheson about one of the worst shows of all time, Maury :

“the worst show on television” and “miles further down the commode than Jerry Springer.”

So many programs…so little time.


Game of Thrones,

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“Celebrity Boxing” from 2002. Does anyone remember that? Wow! The fact that it aired 15 years ago may be proof that US culture has actually passed it’s low point and is on it’s way back up again…or maybe its just gone flat.

A review from Time magazine:
“It finally felt like watching, in some grimy corner of some city, watching two winos whale on each other in a back room for $20 and a bottle of Ripple.”

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Ancient Aliens on the “history” channel


Forbidden History on Netflix. Heresy!


There was actually someplace on the Internet for a while that recorded winos beating up on each other and put it online for “entertainment”. I think it was called or something…sad.

Worst TV, well that’s a tough question. When TV gets bad enough, it’s campy. But most of it is just boring.

I’d pretty much put the entire History and Learning channel programming lineup since about 2000 into the “worst TV” category. I have actually seen people I know having anxiety attacks for days over some of the alien apocalypse stuff these channels spew forth. I miss the days when History Channel actually had good historical documentaries. The good news is a lot of these have made it onto Youtube (and yes I know there is a possible copyright issue with that, but considering how those in charge have ruined the channel I feel quite justified in watching the docs there for the fair and just purpose of self-education).

Edited to add, I have a friend who worked for TLC (formerly Learning Channel) for some years and one of his jobs involved previewing the new shows that were set to air before they made it to the screen. After he saw “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” for the first time he warned all of us on social media about its impending ghastliness and bemoaned his having to sit through it for his job.


This would imply including whole channels - MTV is one example.


Jack*ss was their one relatively good show… after that, it was all downhill

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WWE and other pro wrestling is one of my guilty pleasures… so bad it’s good

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The Celebrity Apprentice

You’ll never know since… NBC replaced Trump with the Terminator.

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Beavis and Butthead had some hilarious skits. The woodshop one and the one where Beavis had his arm stuck in the blood pressure cuff at a pharmacy come to mind.

The Beavis and Butthead remake of the 2010s was atrocious, however.


I’m a bit young for them haha- I only know Jackass because of youtube

The Golden Girls.
I know, I know, lambast me.
I watch it, so I can’t say I don’t. But think about the time that it aired and the focus of the show.
It has fornication all around. That’s the main point of at least Blanche.
Not to mention they sorta take a lot of shots at Catholics, like having a nun see a naked man in an ink blot and start getting “hot” if you know what I mean to the eldest having a near death experience to hear the gate keeper (usually seen as Saint PETER of all people) say, “Oh, you Catholics” upon her asking if there was no purgatory she had to undergo.

Granted there are worse shows. But consider the timing of when it first aired.


I absolutely loathe “The Walking Dead.” It’s such a perversion of what we Christians mean by life, death, and the bodily resurrection. They love to take jabs at Catholics too. It makes me ashamed to have gone to school with the original writer.

Star Trek was the worst

My former roommate used to watch it so I got a glimpse of a few episodes and didn’t like it.

I haven’t seen anything here that is quite as much in the gutter as Maury.

O’Reilly Factor?

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Side note: The guy from Jackass had his fatal accident a couple miles from the apartment i was living in at the time . I now have a residence about a block from the bar where he had his last drink. I used to go to that club Bim owned all the time (it was a good club) but it closed and became a brewpub.

Have to admit this one was a huge guilty pleasure of mine also. I especially liked when they would watch videos and make stupid comments. Back in the day when MTV actually showed videos, we ALL did that. Sometimes for hours.