The worst thing about Mass is

…looking at the back of peoples heads.

Our church is so big you can’t help seeing hundreds of backs of heads.

This is not conducive to spirtuality. Please Help!

get there a bit earlier and sit in the front pew:)

You are so blessed to have a large church. Count yourself as one who at least gets a seat.

When we arrive late, we are in the back of the hall with chairs but no kneelers. Not bad on my pudgy knees but the bony knees of my daughters suffer.

Construction has started on a bigger church but patience is a virtue in the situation. :slight_smile:

I agree with Karin. Get there earlier. Maybe you can join in the Rosary or even start one (get that Plenary Indulgence!)

Become an altar boy if you are a bloke (sorry, I don’t know if you are or not!) that way you generally have an unimpeded view of the Holy Sacrifice. If not a bloke, maybe become a reader with a reserved pew (if that’s how you do things), Or a chorister (if blessed with a good voice).

If you aren’t any of those things then just get there early and pray! Nothing bad either way! :thumbsup:

Set in the front. Churches always fill from the back to the front.

If you have more than one Mass on Sunday, or a vigil on Saturday - try that. At our Parish Sunday at 10 AM is Standing Room Only, but the 8 AM has seating. Saturday evening is full but you still have elbow room.

I have to sit as far up front as I can because of what you are saying. I find other people so interesting that I am easily distracted in mass. :o That is also not conducive to spirituality!

Arrive early and sit at the front. But you knew that already.

I am a shorty and often find myself staring at the back of peoples’ heads too…when that happens I look at the crucifix.



:bounce: Great suggestion!

One of my priests always jokes that Catholic Church is a lot like school - no-one ever wants to sit right in the very front :wink:

I dont mind seeing the backs of people’s heads- the more heads I see the more I’m pleased :smiley:

If a crowd were present at the Crucifixion and you were part of that crowd would you be concerned with the backs of people’s heads? The spirituality derived from the Mass is our participation in the sacrifice of Jesus and the heavenly Liturgy. The front pew at my Church is always the last to fill up. Why? I often ask myself that question. Who would not want a front seat in heaven??

This is a very positive thinking :thumbsup: - a friend of our Bible study group said about the same thing when another person mentioned about distraction for seeing many people in front of you at the church.

you mean there are actually places where you have to arrive early to get the front in mass? I’ve always seen it as the back fills up first since no one wants to be in front.

Yes, at my church. That’s why we’ve just had a new church holding about 1,600 seats, and people do like to seat in front pews. The old church could hold about 500.


our church is really full every weekend, so much so, that if you even show up 5 minutes before the Mass is about to start, that you’ll see people sitting on the stairs near the door of the chapel.

the rafter seats are comepletely full every Sunday. iam overjoyed to see so many people at Mass! :thumbsup:

The worst thing about Mass is that it ends.

Sitting behind a teenage girl whose parents should be ashamed to let her go out in public, let alone church, dressed (or not) the way she is (or is not)! Just today I could not even look at the front of the church while standing because of this teenage girl in front of me was, well, barley dressed enough to go to a bar, let alone Mass. And she was sitting right next to her parents! :frowning: It was soooo distracting!

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