These Appointments Speak Louder Than Words

Pray for Pope Francis and all of the clergy.


I would be interested in hearing how this can be defended, aside from the mere fact that it was something Pope Francis did.


I don’t think it can be defended. Instead there will be remarks and homilies, reminding us that we need to stop complaining about what’s wrong inside the Church and instead focus on how we can help our neighbor and the environment.

Moves like this are made under the umbrella of “social justice”. We are told there’s a bigger picture that we’re missing when we only focus on one aspect of the puzzle. So, naturally, more encyclicals will follow, reminding us of our duty to be good stewards of mother earth and to embrace our fellow man, which coincides perfectly with these very groups that he’s creating.

Of course, everyone not on board, laity and clergy alike, are also given reminders. Reminders of our disobedience and division. We receive motu proprios that point out exactly what is wrong with us and how we need to accept the will of the “Church” and unite under one banner.

The real problem isn’t the people appointed by the Pope himself, but those who question why he appointed them.

Not clear what you mean by this. Are you being ironic?

“Unite under one banner” brings to mind something like this:


Heaven help anyone who steps out of line.

Do you ever wonder why people weren’t up in arms in 1968 when St Paul VI appointed Stephen Hawking to the same Pontifical Academy? Let alone he wasn’t Catholic… he didn’t even believe there’s a God. My guess is that back then Catholics understood the purpose of the Academies was to engage with the accredited experts in their particular fields so she is able to give the best Christian guidance on issues and events.

Nowadays if a person is not a traditional Catholic and a Republican, they are worthless as chopped liver to the Church in some peoples opinion.

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Yes, that was point of the post. I was being ironical.


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