Throwing away crucifixes, medallions, pictures of Jesus etc?

I am not sure where to have this thread so if someone thinks it is inappropriate then move it.

I am wondering if it is okay to through away things like crucifixes, medallions, a small painting with Jesus on etc? It is originally my father’s things (some of it might be me mine but I haven’t seen it in 10 years or more so I don’t remember them) but if I don’t so to speak ‘‘save them’’ they will be thrown away. I have already ‘‘saved’’ 2 or 3 rosaries, a couple of medallions, and some other things. But I really don’t want all of those things, some of them I can take yes, but not all of them. My main reasons for this is that (1) I don’t need 15 Miraculous Medals and medals of St. Benedict. (2) Some of the things is quite ugly so I don’t really understand why it was bought in the first place and therefore I don’t want it. But it also feels a bit weird to through it away, but from the Church’s point of view would it be okay for me not to take them and let them be thrown away? It feels a bit blasphemous to even ask this…

Why don´t you take them to a nearby parrish?Give them away?
No,do not throw them away like trash,please.
Eventually,if you have prayer cards with names on them,or out of date paper stuffyou can always respectfully burn them.

Donation is the first course. If they are damaged and not usable and are blessed, bury or burn them. I would do this even if they are not blessed. If they are not blessed, then there is nothing special you need to do to dispose of them. Just make sure how you do it is not inconsiderate of who’s picture it is.

Put them in a box and take them down to a church I imagine someone will take them off your hands.

It is my understanding (feel free to correct me) that the Church has no official position in how to dispose of those items. For example, if you have a Bible, blessed by the Pope and you want to throw it away because it is ugly, you can since there is no sin, no law, no teaching against throwing it away officially. However, people like to dispose of Holy objects in a respectful way so the choice is really yours.

I agree with previous posters about sharing them with a parish. This is especially important because you do not know if some (or all) of the religous objects have been blessed. If they have been blessed, you do not want to give them to someone who does not recognize the importance of blessed objects and treat them appropriately.
Your priest will make sure that they are distributed to people who will have this understanding.
The alternative to giving them to your priest would be to assume that everything has been blessed. The proper way to dispose of blessed objects is to burn or bury them.
Rosaries are often made available at the front of my local church for people to borrow when attending mass. Holy cards, picutres, or medal might be treasured by a local group of Marian girls.
I hope all of your treasures find the right home.
May God bless us all!

The best option would perhaps be to give it to a church, as you say even if I can, regarding some of the items, make a good guess that they are not blessed. But it is true that I don’t know that for certain, as jeannetherese said, so I will try to find a more appropriate way of dealing with those things.

I would not throw away a Bible, especially not a blessed one and certainly not one blessed by the Pope :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for your answers! :slight_smile:

Give it to someone if you can’t get the stuff away, the respectful option is to burn or bury them.

I feel the same way about the many cards and rosaries and prayer cards I get (gee…think I’m on a mailing list? :rolleyes: ) in the mail. I just black out my name and address and place them in the narthex of my church. Hopefully somebody will use them and donate to the various orders that send them of the school will use the pictures for art projects.

Ask if someone in a nursing home might want them…or someone at a local food pantry, if your church has one. Sometimes people who are poor are thrilled to get those things. Medals can also be used by rosary makers if you have any in your church.


Leave them on a table at the local parish with a free sign. I occasionally take religious items that for whatever reason I dont want and leave them there and someone always grabs them up. I know I have occasionally seen a medal or devotional someone has left to be given away and very much treassured it.

I found my first Sacred and Immaculate Heart pictures left at the parish and have used them for years now and they have been such a blessing to me.

I wouldn’t throw them away… and with sacramentals, even if they’re broken we’re supposed to bury or burn them, not throw them away.

What about giving them to friends or anyone else who might want them, or donating them somewhere? :slight_smile: my friend gave me a box of Miraculous Medals and I’ve given them to friends. It’s especially good if you meet Catholics who might not be familiar with these things.

donate it.

problem solved