Time when you are allowed to indulge in what you gave up for Lent

I know Lent ends at the Holy Thursday Evening Mass of the Lord’s Supper, but usually people like me wait until we get so close to Easter to indulge in what we gave up for Lent. When would be the most appropriate time? I was hearing that after Noon on Holy Saturday would be fine, and then I heard that after the Easter Vigil would be better.

I have major issues with that whole ‘Lent is over at the Holy Thursday Lord’s Supper Mass’ thing. Just like I have issues with those who give up something for Lent, but they indulge on Sundays during Lent. :frowning:

Ok, I get that the 40 days before Easter doesn’t include Sundays. The count isn’t the point. I get that Sundays are ALWAYS a day of Feast, and NEVER a day of Fast… but if you are making a sacrifice, that’s falling into the world of split hairs, IMO. :blush:

If you say, “I’m not going to watch television for the 40 days of Lent”, but you watch tv on Sundays, you haven’t gone FORTY DAYS without. :mad:

Yes, the Triduum begins with the Holy Thursday Mass… but Easter is still Easter.

And when you make a personal choice to give up something, that’s really totally on you and how you are willing to make that sacrifice. If you choose to indulge beginning on Palm Sunday, or whenever, that’s on you. NO ONE can make or break your promises.

I just think it’s a wimpy bail to give in early… as if you can’t hold out for Christ, and in reverance for what He’s done for you (and all of us)… what’s the point? :confused:

My answer: After the Easter Vigil, IF YOU ATTEND. If not the Easter Vigil, after Sunday Mass… or the time of Sunday Mass if for some reason you don’t attend. :slight_smile:

After Mass on Sunday, but if it’s something like a bad habit (one of my Lenten promises was to stop cursing) hopefully you have broken the habit and won’t suddenly pick it back up again.


For me…sunrise on Easter morning. :extrahappy:

I gave up “Fringe” (tv show) and I’m going to watch the five episodes I missed after mass on Sunday. :slight_smile: I thought of catching up on Sundays and even watching last night’s episode live, since it was after Holy Thursday, which is technically the end of Lent. But for me the whole point is Easter Sunday. That’s when life begins again.

YMMV (your mileage may vary :slight_smile: )

my diabetic diet is one I will have to follow strictly for the rest of my life if I want to control the disease and avoid its complications. Other than abstinence from meat on Fridays which I usually do anyhow (I eat at least 5 fish meals a week as it is) the Lenten discipline does not really affect me. I have to find other ways of sacrificing.

and yes I would kill for a Dove choco bunny right now