To Laugh or Weep?

Dedication of the SACRED COW - Animal Rights Peace Memorial A life-size bronze statue of Emily will be unveiled at her burial site.
On Christmas Eve, December 24th, 2004 at Noon, the very day, 9 years before that Emily the Cow arrived at The Peace Abbey, the life-size bronze statue of her will be unveiled on the grounds of the Abbey. This is the moment we have all been waiting for.

The statue of Emily the Cow, sculpted by world renowned artist Lado Goudjabidze, will be unveiled by children and adults who knew, loved, and visited her during the time she was in sanctuary at the Abbey. The creation of the statue took over 7 months of concentrated and meticulous sculpting by the same artist who created the statue of Gandhi. We are looking forward to hearing from everyone with reflections and a story to share on how Emily touched their lives. We are eager to include the many voices who would like to be interviewed for the documentary film on this extraordinary bovine.

The site of Emily’s grave is named the Sacred Cow Animal Rights Memorial. Around the plaza are six granite stones with bronze plaques on both sides which will have inspirational quotations from notable animal rights activists engraved in both English and Hindi. Please plan on joining us for this wonderful event as we honor Emily the Cow and her legacy of love and concern for all creatures who share our world.

Holy Cow. :whacky: What will people come up with next?


Ok, I like the statue of Balto, but this is a bit too far.

A cow? Didn’t we already try to pull this one in the OT?

Oh please. This was a very MOOOOOOOOOOOVING story.

For a class I’m taking, I have to go see various farms. When I went to the dairy barn, I have to admit, the cows did not seem very inspirational. If only Emily had been there, perhaps I would see the world differently. :rolleyes:

It is a far, far, butter thing. . .

Oh well, we’re into 2005. Happy Moo Year, everybody.

Eye has not seen, ear has not herd. . .


I cud not keep from being mooooved by this tail.

Udderly, udderly tasteless…


The story is obviously a load of bull.


…And I’m obviously teatering on the edge.


This time I’m sure I’ve milked it as much as I can.

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

Bossy, bossy.

Cud you not have brought up this beef with the OP?
It behooves you to beware of cheesy posts.

But, please, don’t be cowed by this.
Heifer-y body needs a little LOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW-ve.

:dancing: :clapping:

As I read this story I said to myself if this isn’t the Tower of Babel worshipping the golden calf (which in this case was probably brown and white) - and thanks for the smiles to all of you!

At my local county fair, they sculpt a cow out of butter every year. It’s quite a sight – a full-sized cow made out of butter.

Dangit, everyone used all of the puns already!! :mad:

On the serious side, it does sound a bit like the golden calf doesn’t it?


Well that’s the udder side of things indeed.

Hindus have a steak in the animal rights movement.

where is a good fundamentalist when you need one