Trump / Clinton--Final Presidential Debate Thread

The son of the late Mike Wallace, Chris Wallace, is the Debate Moderator.

Abortion is getting a pretty big focus in this debate.

Trump appears to be very publicly Pro Life. The moderator doing a good job.

Hillary channeling Michelle Obama in defending abortion, partial birth abortion in particular. These two women are good at appearing passionate to gin up emotional response.

Not watching…but hilary, once again, is PRO ABORTION UNTIL BIRTH

Trump indicates he is pro life and will appoint conservative justices who are constitutionalists.

Clinton indicates support for Roe vs Wade and indicates we should not go backwards.

Clinton also affirms the possibility of late term abortion.

This moderator is putting the others to shame! This is what a debate should be. Trump us doing well. Which is surprising because this type of polite quiet debate on the issues plays to the polished polititian. Trump is appearing like he can talk about the issues without there being a circus.

Mrs. Clinton currently running through her economic ideas.

She seems stressed out and tense and frustrated … and, most importantly, like she’s not believing her own memorized spiel.

Yes, it’s really black and white. I would hope every pro-life individual stand united with all of us and with Trump & Pence, because there is a real chance here, not just words. If not now, when? if not Trump & Pence, who?

I hope this has helped

God Bless You

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Why would she believe her own lies:rolleyes:

She loves abortion, it doesn’t matter if the baby is 38 weeks gestation or twelve weeks gestation.

God, I love her. Can’t wait to call her our president.

Never mind what I wrote! Russia!

I like how relaxed Trump is.

Clinton is making me want to have a whiskey.

I would certainly like to speak my mind here, but I know I could risk getting an infraction or suspended.

You need prayers.

“For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.”

Thank you for reading


Trump doing pretty well. Moderator has been good.

The choice is clear. And we will be help responsible for our vote or non vote.

Trump says “No one has more respect for women than I do…” and the audience laughs. :rotfl:

You love abortion?