Trump "honors" Native Americans and then used term "Pocahontas "

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I wish he would get someone who can write his speeches and then force him to stay on point.

The term “Pocahontas” is considered a racial slur.

I’m sure many will poo poo this and say he was joking etc. it was wrong and insensitive and doesn’t MAGA.


The attack on Lavar Ball was something to behold as well.

Unbelievable and then defended by Huckabee.

Embarrassing and shameful behavior from Donald Trump. But at this point, do we really expect anything different?


The name of one of the most prominent persons in North American history is considered racist?

Only a left-winger could come up with that!

Don’t act like such a snowflake. Yes, it was a dumb thing to say, but it’s not racist.

I take you don’t have a problem with Liz Warren saying she’s Native American?

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And right on cue, the left is out of the gate. So predictable.


… the left™. So predictable. So lacking.

What do Laura Ingraham and Raymond Arroyo have to say about this?

Then why do you think it was a dumb thing to say?

Don’t expect more than that.

But I do; I also expect a mistaken claim of ad hominem. :rofl:


I think the President needs to focus on more important things. I don’t think all of this nonsense is helping him.

Also, @dvdjs, I’m just generally describing what I see, which is simple, expected and unfortunate. Do you agree that this is not racist?

That would be a first…

@F_Marturana I don’t think you need to waste your likes on garbage like that.

with a dash of gatewaypundit thrown in or a little Milo Y.

If you use it describe a Native American whose name isn’t Pocohantas then it a slur. Like calling Italian-American “Guido”.

I think trump is offensive when he tweets it.

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At least you didn’t say I was virtue signaling. I need to avoid alcohol coz of triglycerides. :tumbler_glass:

NOT that any liberal will appreciate it, I agree that it is meant to be a dig and a waste of the president’s time.

Thank you for…sharing that. The best way not to be called out on virtue signaling is to not do it in the first place. :sunglasses:

I’m not a liberal. I’m an orthodox Catholic.

You beat me to it. Well put.

Just curious:

If I said I was part Native American, would that change the complexion of this conversation?

Suddenly, it’s crickets…

Not at all. Just because you might be insensitive does not mean other Native Americans are.