Ukrainian Catholic priest involved in Polka Mass?

Is this normal for Byzantine Catholic liturgies?

Outside Polka Mass Draws Hundreds to Ford City

The lively sound of part of Ford City’s ethnic background was heard Sunday afternoon during an untraditional outdoor Ukrainian mass - the sound of a polka band.

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Father Gribik began the celebration of mass by welcoming the crowd of near 150 people, as he stood at the front of the gazebo with the polka band behind him.

No, it’s not normal. I hope it was okay to have a Mass like that.

I’ve been to a Polka Mass & a Mariachi Mass. Both are associated with festivals.

He’s proud of Latinizations :banghead:

A polka mass is not a latinization as “polka” as a form of sacred music is also COMPLETELY foreign to an authentic Latin tradition lol.

I am speaking of the text of the article, where he touts things such as side altars installed to foster Western influence. Are stained glass windows common in the tradition of the Byzantine Rite?

foreign…completely :stuck_out_tongue:

Interestingly, they use the Byzantine litany of peace for the prayers of the faithful, at the 22:30 mark.

Disclaimer: Yes, I know this is an aberration, but it just fits so well here

lol that sort of thing is an abuse…you won’t find that sort of nonsense in my Latin archdiocese.

[quote=article]“It was Pope John Paul II that said our Church has to start breathing again with both lungs. What he meant by that was that we have to realize there are more than just Roman Catholics in the world that follow the pope. There are a lot from the East that follow the holy father and recognize him as our leader in faith and morals. See, the only thing is our customs and traditions that differ from the Western Church. The faith and morals…we all believe the same thing,” Gribik said.

The irony in this comment is that polka is an Eastern tradition, not Western…at least culturally speaking.

Only for Western Europeans and Americans, for us Syriacs, Malankarese, Asians, Copts, Armenians, Ethiopians, Eritreans, Greeks, Asians, Micronesians, Africans etc.its all Western

Not in the least!

It sounds unusual to me. Polka Masses are an American invention. If you go to a place like Poland, they don’t do Polka Masses there.

Polka masses in the eastern church and mariachi masses are vatican II inventions. The music for both is secular, and being a traditional I wouldn’t worship in that kind of environment. The Greek Catholics are by their very nature, conservative, and I see no difference in using secular dance music or rock music, much of which would have been heard in bars a few years back, over liturgical music. It is disrespectful and has no business in the mass. While I am Latin Rite Roman Catholic, my father was Ukrainian Greek catholic so I try to attend our local Ukrainian cath church when i can get the time to worship with them. I have never seen anything like a polka mass, only the very traditional divine liturgy which is always chanted in Ukrainian.

Polka mass…sounds dreadful. The Gloria to ooompa music, no no no.

In some parishes it seems like the “sign of peace” is about to erupt into a mosh pit. But that’s another topic…:rolleyes:

Don’t get me started on passing the peace. The latin rite and the anglican breakaway churches don’t pass the peace at all. The Ukrainian church does, but they do it in the old old method where you kiss each check three times as I’ve seen the Armenian church do. I don’t mind that. At least it isn’t a time to catch up on gossip and old times

:confused: I would expect to see this in The Onion.
It’s tragic. I think we see here the polar opposite of St Elias Brampton, and of hopefully every other UGCC.

I think it’s terrifying to see that even Byzantine Catholic DLs aren’t safe from abuse