Value Life with Love

Value Life with Love
Human life is precious from conception to death natural,
And should be most highly respected and valued by all,
Caring with gentleness and love for all people truly,
The good, neutral, and evil, the gentle and unruly.
Those who value life love all people, unborn child, mother,
Clinical staff, protester, even abortion doctor,
Handicapped, disadvantaged, sick, dying, abused, hated,
Poor, wealthy, struggling, well, imprisoned, enslaved, and displaced.
They value each person and give them respect lovingly,
Supporting and encouraging good actions openly,
But denouncing evil actions quickly and honestly,
Unwilling to tolerate misdeeds committed by any,
Standing up for the basic rights of each human being,
Including life, freedom from all abuse and for learning,
Freedom to love, freedom to grow, freedom of religion,
But not free to hurt self or others for any reason.
Human life at all stages should be highly respected,
Treated courteously and kindly by all, and esteemed.
Humans should never be treated with abuse and rudeness.
For those who value life, love in gentleness and kindness.

Copyright 2015 - Thomas A. Stobie, SFO. Permission to copy for personal use granted. Permission for pro-life groups and organizations to use in their materials granted.

Just finished this poem. Enjoy. Feel free to share with pro-life organizations and groups. God bless.

If I may ask: Why does God allow abortions? Whatever the reason, God can bring good from evil for those who love Him. When all else fails, as with legalized abortions, it seems we must remember to have faith in God.

God allows evil, because he grants us free will, the good use of free will is to choose to love and then to love with all your heart, mind, and soul God and all people. Bad uses of free will include murder (abortion included), abuse, stealing, etc.