Vegan Hit Girlfriend Because She Came Home Smelling of Bacon

Is this vegan privilege?
You can violently assault your partner with fists, kicks and a bottle, yet get off with a small fine and community service.

What am I reading?


I second that.

I guess out of all the different domestic abuse cases the one Breitbart reports on was by the vegan. Would he be a domestic abuser f he ate meat?

How many other domestic abuse cases feature in Breitbart?

It is a weird article. Written purely to make a certain demographic mad.


Both are accurate observations on the editorial bias/humor of Breitbart.

I luv bacon and had a good chuckle at the thought of the smell infuriating someone.


All I can say if my girlfriend came home smelling of bacon, I’d go nuts too, but not in the same way. Bacon is one of my favourite foods, I have to be careful otherwise I’d eat it every day.

When my son did his obligatory vegetarian/vegan thing 10 or so years ago, when he finally came back meat he said the hardest thing about being vegetarian was giving up bacon. Must be in our genes…

Anyway being vegan or a meat-eater is a personal choice and vegans should leave us meat-eaters alone. Some people love curry, I loathe it, makes me want to retch. So guess what, I don’t eat curry. If eating meat turns someone off, then don’t eat it! It’s as simple as that. I certainly won’t beat up someone for being vegan even though I think it’s a bit of a whacky choice.

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Wow! Stop the press. Lol

Hey for some of us bacon is a big deal :smiley:

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If YOU must endure her bleating zeal
she should endure your eating veal

Why do I presume she’d be less than mollified or less complaining and virtue signally …

… if you catered to her meat interdictions

… by substituting beans for your protein needs?

She still is, let’s admit, one roundhouse punch better than the vegan who hit his girlfriend here.

Although his stupid cited reason for hitting her … was less stupid per the results he got from the court. PC as a defense might WORK … and DID work (light sentence after he plead guilty) … whether it was the REAL reason for the guy’s assault or not.

Reminds me of the rapist who almost got off because … he used a condom. Don’t remember how that one turned out … but that case took a while to decide. Jury’s fear of “looking prudish and forcing their morality on the “thoughtful” rapist” clouding an otherwise clear case. :roll_eyes:

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