Video: catholics frantically barricade the doors inside cathedral in Mexico City March 8 as pro-abortion feminists attack the church

This video is at Video Shows Parishioners in Mexico City Barricading Church Doors Against Violent Feminists and Abortion Supporters | MRCTV

The video shows churchgoers inside the church barricading the doors of the Hermosillo Cathedral with wooden pews as the doors shake from being pounded on from the outside.

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Anyone who thinks March 8 demonstrations are just about equal pay for equal work should wake up.


I don’t understand why protesters think they have a right to enter that church. They wanted to enter for one reason only, to cause trouble. Anyone that would break the windows like that has no respect for anyone or anything that doesnt agree with them.


I guess reason goes away when mob mentality takes hold of a crowd.


Im afraid you don’t know much about these people or about Spanish history. These people know exactly what they are doing and why, because the left in Spain has a continuous history of violence against the Church.


The left have historically attacked the Church in Mexico too. Especially in the 1920s.

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Yes, I was very grateful to the film Cristeros for drawing attention to that era of Mexican history.

Similarly I saw an excellent film called “A Forbidden God” about the massacre of seminarians by reds in Spain in 1936.

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