Viewing and Adoring the Blessed Sacrament via the web

  1. I am awful at knowing which forum to post on-I’m sorry if I am in the wrong place. :confused:
  2. I pray frequently so please do not think that I am only concerned about praying if I am going to earn an indulgence. However, indulgences are beneficial for those to whom the act is offered.

It is nearly impossible for me to drive to and attend an Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament because of my work schedule. Does anyone know if participating in Adoration via the web suffices?

I love how complete I feel when I pray in front of the Blessed Sacrament!

Thank you!

Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer. But I find this question super interesting from the intersection of technology/religion point of view. Does adoration need to be in person, or is tele-adoration (iAdoration?) possible, via webcam? My inclination is to assume it wouldn’t be possible, but if it were that raises a ton of other questions… Would there be a minimum stream quality required, like only 780p or higher counts?

There’s got to be a priest or someone on here that would know the answer…

I think I may have seen this on EWTN and, then, I saw something mentioned in a prayer group. I am not quite sure if I will feel the same doing it this way but there are times that I really feel like I need it and there just aren’t options, in my area if I calculate driving time in rush hour.

Where are you located? Have you checked to see if any of the parishes in your immediate area have a Perpetual Adoration Chapel, because you could go to one of those any time of the day or night.

I have and for whatever reason they don’t. I may call the diocese alrhough I looked at the website.

UPDATE: I have spent some time trying to find a firm answer and have found enough to believe that, while this is not preferable, it must be acceptable or I don’t see how any church would be allowed to put a web cam on the Blessed Eucharist. This what being scrupulous does to me. Maybe this form of adoration is not practiced by younger Catholics? It would be sad to think that they are missing on this opportunity for such closeness.

Actualy, I discussed that with a priest last month, and I was told that it doesen’t counts. We may use a webstreaming, webcam or even a printed picture, but it doesen’t counts as adoration…we may only use the image to help focus our meditation towards Christ.

Yeah, sucks when you live in a place with no church…let alone perpectual Adoration.

I don’t see how it would be possible to adore Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament if you aren’t physically in His Presence. If you have a photo of the Blessed Sacrament, for example, that can help you focus your mind on Christ, but He is not physically present in the piece of paper on which the photo is printed.

Likewise, you can use the image of the Blessed Sacrament that you see on your computer or television screen to help you focus your mind and heart on Our Lord. But He is not physically present in that screen.

You are seeing a pixelated image of the “accidental” of bread, and you are not in His physical presence.

God bless you! Gertie

Hi, Here’s an answer from our Apologist, Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.:

THANK YOU! This is how I pretty much saw it. Please pray for me, I am hoping that gentle persistence in my parish will eventually pay off. There is just “something” about being “touched by the Spirit” during Adoration that I believe can only enhance one’s faith.

You mentioned indulgences in your OP. Don’t forget there are other ways indulgences can be gained (plenary and partial) - e.g. prayerful reading of the Bible for 30 mins.

Interestingly, I believe one can gain an indulgence (usual conditions etc.) if one follows a live transmission by television or radio of the Pope’s Urbi et Orbi blessing.

Does watching it streamed over the internet counts?

I think it would, as it would be no different from watching a live television broadcast. The important part is not so much how you participate (Live radio/television/Internet streaming) but the spirit in which you participate.

This only applies to blessings given by the Pope ‘Urbi et Orbi’ though.

To return to the OP - even though you may not get the indulgence watching a streamed broadcast of Exposition and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, there’s no reason why you can’t use that to prepare for an indulgenced act that you can complete at home.

Sure wished you lived in my area. My priest started an Adoration Chapel 4 days a week and there is a small group of parishioners who oppose it and a few other things he is attempting to do. They claim that the Deanery has a chapel and we aren’t allowed to have one but not all of our elderly parishioners can drive the 12-20 miles to get there when they can go just 2-5 miles to get to ours. I never thought I’d say the Devil was in my church but I see his works going on. God bless you and I hope you get Adoration going in a church close to you.

AirForceMom, we are retired Air Force! We live in Texas where Catholics are the minority. I noticed, during our military travels, that areas with larger Catholic populations offered more things such as Adoration. As I used to say in New York, there was a Catholic Church on almost every corner! :dancing: I am lucky to love just about everything about my parish, especially our two amazing priests and deacons.

Sorry to hear about your parish. To be able to serve the elderly population would be such a loving gesture and mission of need. I do think that churches tend to have a relatively small group of people who do just about everything these days. Our priorities are just not what they should be (and I am as equally to blame since I was not as involved when our children were growing up and in so many activities). Who am I to talk but, boy, do I have regrets.

Nothing is more important than faith which means intimately serving as well as receiving. :juggle:

I’m an AF brat, sister, mother, mil, and grandmother. My dad was stationed in Amarillo in the early 60s - took us almost 3 years to find a Catholic Church. After Katrina my husband & I lived in AR and although they have a Catholic church in every county and a few in each larger city they are minorities. SE Louisiana is heavy Catholic, but I find in my parish (county) we have fewer actually attending than in New Orleans and certainly in other areas of the country where I’ve seen the churches packed. Had hoped the lessons of Katrina would have brought more back to the church and it might have in the beginning but it has been 10 years so everyone is back to normal. I tried to do as much as possible when my kids were younger although we were not an active church at that time, but a new pastor in 1997 changed that and I’ve been very involved since then. I retired in 12/2010 and in 7/2013 went to work part time as the secretary for my church since we can’t afford full time plus I do a lot on a volunteer basis. We are trying to stand strong against the 9-12 people against the priest and he has support from the archdiocese I just wish it were stronger support. God bless!!!