Virgin Mary visited in my dreams

I changed my thoughts of how benevolent God, Jesus and Virgin Mary are after many failures that had crushed my simple life. Now, I do not believe that they will actually help me that only myself and the people surrounding me are the only beings - the weapon to survive, to dream, to become successful, and to be happy.

Recently, Virgin Mary talked to me in my dream. But, I am a sinner and I hate Her for not actually helping me with my struggles. I did my best, I tried many times and prayed every single day for years for her intercession. Then I lost Her. I hid the rosaries, the Bible … every holy relics. But she visited me. Why?

My dream started that a statue of Her starts blinking its eyes. We were startled and told my sister that the Virgin Mary statue is moving. I started to say ‘hello’ and wished many typical earthly things. I don’t know if she can hear me. After everything, she started talking and asked me what I want most. I told innocently to her, ‘I want you to heal my severe allergic rhinitis’. Then she kissed my cheeks and smile.**

Maybe this recent dream is telling you to BELIEVE AGAIN? Maybe it’s time to learn your faith in a more mature reasonable fashion? Start with the basics:
Do you believe Christ died for your sins, and that God raised Him from the dead? Can you trust in the grace of God that He forgives all sins?
Start again my friend. Believe the gospel.


So, do you still “hate her” after she showed ypu she loved you (even if she could.not help you?)

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It’s very hard to respond to a thread with somebody saying they “hate” the Virgin Mary.

Mary herself is more patient than me and has been known to manifest herself and her love to even those spewing vile hatred for her.


I had to look up allergic rhinitis. You have bad hay fever?

There are two ways to look at your situation.

One is to compare your earthly existence to Mary’s and her Son’s. If the worst thing in your life is hay fever---- you’re doing pretty well. :slight_smile: What did they have to deal with? They had to deal with poverty, with rejection, with having to flee their home country because people wanted to kill them, and eventually being killed in the most inhumane way possible. Some mystics say that Mary was an active participant in her Son’s suffering, just as other mystics were to later participate in the Passion on a weekly or annual basis. And on top of all that, they didn’t have central heat and air, had to walk wherever they wanted to go, didn’t have running water, didn’t have modern medicine, didn’t have a grocery store, and didn’t have food stamps or welfare checks or housing vouchers. :wink: Of all the billions of people who have walked the earth, they were probably two most perfect ones— and yet they weren’t spared suffering. They know all about it, firsthand— but more importantly, they redirected their suffering to a greater purpose.

Are you able to take your suffering and redirect it to a greater purpose?

The second way of looking at it is, God isn’t so concerned about the material. That’s why, when he was the one person in the world who could choose his family, and choose the time and place and circumstances of his birth, he picked to be born into poverty in an obscure part of the world that no one would ever have cared about in the normal course of events. Some of his saints come from great royal lines and noble families, but even more so, they generally come from the commoners and those who are immersed in poverty and humility. Any ordinary person can achieve sainthood-- enjoying the beatific vision for all eternity-- whether or not they’re ever formally canonized. That’s the goal of all of us.

What God is concerned about is the spiritual. He cares about souls, about eternity. And so, when he dishes out the graces we need, they generally take the form of something inward, that leads us towards heaven, rather than the form of a winning lottery ticket. So if you have a great King-- one who controls the entire universe-- and the great King has a little beggar at his gate, and the beggar asks for a pencil, or a prune, or a shoelace-- and the King has the capacity to give them so much more than that, if only they’re disposed to cooperate and receive it-- how would the scenario play out? All of us are that beggar, but we generally are preoccupied with prunes and pencils, rather than focusing on the great treasures God would prefer to share with us. Because we’re limited in our ability to comprehend, and the treasures of God aren’t always things we’re able to appreciate with our limited senses. :blue_heart: