VOTF Leader Appointed to Key Role by ArchBishop of Boston

The Archbishop of Boston (my diocese) has appointed a VOTF leader (*David Castaldi) *to a key role in the Archdiocese.


Note that at the recent VOTF conference David Castaldi is one of the presenters of the “Structural Change” talk.


Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now…


Some people have rebelled against the Church closings here in the Boston archdiocese. Perhaps the archbishop is cleverly quashing the rebellion by appointing a VOTF member in a leadership role for the management of the sale of closed-church property.

Bill Dittrich, another VOTF leader is a also a leader at the Archdiocesan Institute for Ministry:


My heat just aches so much for the Archdiocese of Boston and for AB Sean…:crying: I find myself in tears so often over all that has been done and all that needs to be done…Please God let this appointment have been a wise one… VOTF is an awful group with I fear, a terrible agenda for the Catholic Church!

Bill Dittrich also is a signer of this:


Note in this document singed by Mr. Dittrich:

Support full civil rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons.

Expand it and fully fund promised HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment programs. Make effective contraceptives, including emergency contraception, easily available to poor people.

Mr. Dittrich is a leader of the Boston Archdiocese Institute for Ministry.

Excellent decision by Archbishop Sean to appoint David Castaldi to this post. |I am sure he will do well.