Waitress on Lenten Fridays

I am starting a job as a waitress. Would it be a sin for me to work on Fridays during Lent because I would be serving meat? Most people that would order meat on Fridays wouldn’t be Catholic, but I could serve a non practicing Catholic without noticing.

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Only Catholics are bound by canon law and the authority of their bishop regarding fast and abstinence on Fridays of Lent.

WRT Catholics who are breaking canon law by not abstaining, I have to think that merely taking the order, and serving the meal, would be remote enough material cooperation, that you would have no culpability whatsoever. It is not something intrinsically evil, and if you weren’t their waitperson, someone else would be, and in any event, they’ve already made up their mind to commit the sin, and nothing you can say or do could change that. Refusing to do it would almost certainly cost you your job.

This from Catholic Answers deals with the matter:

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You have nothing at all to worry about. Catholics have been working in these service jobs forever during Lent without any prohibition from the Church. Just worry about your own fast.

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