Warning from the SSPX Superior on France

**France: Warning Call from the Society of St. Pius X’s District Superior **

On Thursday, March 4, 2010, Fr. Régis de Cacqueray, Superior of the Society of St. Pius X’s district of France, published an letter entitled: “The Bishops: Guardians of the Faith or Proselytes Protecting Other Cults?”

Fr. de Cacqueray reflects on the role of the bishop, guardian of the flock and preacher of the faith, “successor of the Apostles and martyrs”. Doubtless there have always been good and bad bishops, “there have been heroic bishops and there have been weak bishops. There have been Hilaries of Poitier and Bossuets. There have been Cauchons and Talleyrands. But never before has a nation, formerly so Christian, seen such a confusion touching so closely the Faith. Today, our bishops stand by silent while Christ is attacked. They keep the churches closed to us. And at the very same time they open mosques. They concelebrate with Protestant pastors. They grant diplomas to imams and invite rabbis to preach in their cathedrals. In a word, they comfort souls in their remoteness from Christ and from the Church He founded.”

For today, “a great number of bishops of France are endeavouring to constitute a sort of embassy of religion in general. Drowning Catholicism in a cohabitation with other religions that leave souls in ignorance of the love of Christ, they unite themselves in a syndicate for the defense of cults. They no longer hesitate to fly to the rescue of the burkha and seem more concerned about wishing “a good Ramadan” to the dignitaires of Islam than about making sure their flocks know and observe Lent.”

The result of such an attitude is henceforth “the impossibility of affirming that the Catholic religion is the only one founded by God, and an indifferentism (that) has penetrated even into the minds of those responsable for maintaining the Faith of those confided to their care. In such wise, they encourage the dechristianisation of France whose soil is now swarming with the temples of other cults, signalling more and more the disregard of the God of Majesty.”

The district superior of France concludes with a cry of alarm, pointing out the cause of the dechristianisation of his country: “on the path of ecumenism and interreligious dialogue, the situation of the Church in France becomes ever more serious. How can we keep silence, or even put aside in parentheses this warning call, when thousands of souls are being plunged into a mortal indifferentism?” (source: La Porte Latine/ Apic – DICI, March 6, 2010)

I am glad to see this. It is firm without being a rant. It is well reasoned. Moral relativism is the curse of our times. I used to believe in that. I am glad that God gave me another chance and took me to His Church. I hope that the next generation of bishops have the fortitude and the wherewithal to bring the flock which has strayed back to the Church.

I have to say, that while I do not agree with some of what the SSPX teachings about ecumenism, I believe this man is right. At the very least a Catholic should be able to notice the imprudence of any ecumenical action, even friendly greetings, when we act without a solid foundation of “extra ecclessiam nulla salus.” Ecumenism does not* have* to lead to indifferentism, but it takes a great deal of effort and wise leadership to engage in the first without encouraging the latter.

The more we reach out in friendship and joint-ventures with others, the more important it is to be unabashedly, firmly Catholic. The Churches and the leaders with the strongest Catholic identity should be the ones who lead us in ecumenical action. Unfortunately, the reverse is more often the case. In such environments, indifferentism will flourish.

Let all Bishops read this! To those who choose to defend the faith and keep heresy out: Thank you! :thumbsup: We love you and lots of us are daily praying for you and the priests through “The Rosary for Priests,” Keep up the good work!

May I add my “Amen” to this? Its time someone has the “guts” to speak firmly, yet charitably.

Amen !

Well said. I agree completely with this as well. Thats the problem with giving bad example by religious indifferentism. It fails to serve the mission of the Church to convert false religions to the one true religion revealed by GOD. When a Bishop of the Church is willing to co worship in a false religion - he has effectively given those in the false religion without speaking a word - the example that what they are doing is right. Jesus ate with Publicans and Sinners but you didnt see him Worshipping God with Pagans. He went to the Synagoge. (In accordance with the Old Covenant) Why then do the Bishops today not do the same. Eat and discuss Religion with the leaders of false religion - but when it comes to Worshipping Almighty GOD do so only in a Catholic Manner and thus give good example.


I believe this is a very legitimate concern, and should be supported.


God bless the SSPX superior for making this statement. It’s not for no reason this group exists.