Was Jesus even a real person?

Ok, so I read this article on the net about this Bible scholar ‘‘proving’’ that Jesus isn’t real. That his entire story (the Gospels) were just fabricated by the Roman empire long ago. A lot of people say that the evidence presented is very compelling. Please, i’m losing faith. Please what evidence do we have that Jesus is a real person and that He really did all those things in the Gospel?

Dear friend,

The Jewish historian, Josephus mentions the crucifixion of Jesus.


The Romans were not Christians and had no reason to make up stories to prove his existence. It is the blood of all the many, many martyrs that died rather than deny their faith in Jesus, that testifies to the truth of the Gospels. Through the early Church Fathers we know much about the early Church. They believed that same things that Catholics believe today.

You really have to be careful about the sources that you take seriously. There is much information on the internet that is bogus. The Catholic Church has been around for over two thousand years and still teaches the same truths that is has always taught–despite persecutions in every age. Feel free to contact me privately by clicking on my name above.

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Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.