Western Wall site of a Satanic Ritual?

The following video was brought to my attention “Satan at the Wailing Wall” (youtube.com/watch?v=94rcOVJBMYQ).

I wonder if anyone better educated on these matters than myself could comment on the historical accuracy of the following claims made in the video:

  1. That the Western Wall is not a remnant of the Second Temple but is rather the remains of an ancient Roman fortress named Fort Antonia which was built north of the original Temple site; and that the rock on which the Dome of the Rock was built was actually the centerpiece of Fort Antonia.

  2. That the Western Wall is the seat of a satanic ritual outlined by the 13th century Jewish occult system known as the Kabbalah, as expounded in the Zohar and expanded upon by the 18th century Hasidic movement.

  3. That the alleged divine presence at the Western Wall is actually the Kabbalistic feminine emanation of the shekhinah.

I don’t know about those claims…but did Christ not tell us that there will not be left here one stone upon another.

I sense truth in this although I know nothing about it.

He did indeed.

i think it would be best for you to ask a rabbi about this if you really want to know the truth. But i suspect all this is hogwash put together by an anti-semite or worse.

I think the historical claims made in the video are serious ones. I am not sure a rabbi would be better qualified than a secular historian in answering them. I am interested in hearing if such claims are historically correct, as they are news to me.

As to whether or not the presenter in the video is an “anti-semite or worse,” I find such a claim to be “hogwash.” The presenter is an Orthodox Christian convert, formerly a practicing Jew. He may be anti-Zionist but he is certainly not an anti-semite, even if he does come across as politically incorrect.

The first claim I’ve heard before and am not sure whether or not it has any factual basis. The second claim is typical of antisemitic literature and is not primarily anti-Zionist. It is patently false since the Kabbalah and Hasidism have nothing whatsoever to do with Satanic rituals. Besides, Satan is not regarded as an evil force in Judaism but rather an angel in the service of G-d. Jews do not worship angels, however. The third claim, which speaks of the Shekhinah, is not particularly relevant to anything evil since the Shekhinah is the feminine manifestation of G-d according to Jewish sources. Christian scholars also speak of the Shekhinah and liken it to the Holy Spirit. Apparently whoever compiled this video is not only anti-Zionist but antisemitic. The two are not always connected, but in this case they seem to be.

If you know nothing about it, why do you sense truth in this?

Satan has always been Satan no matter who thought what of him. Think on that.

The second claim is definitely hogwash. The third claim is irrelevant. Only the first claim MAY have some historical backing.

Only in Christianity and Islam, Satan takes on a malevolent power. In Judaism, he serves other functions.

By the way, Pope John Paul II prayed at the Western Wall in Israel and left a note there, as is the Jewish custom.

Here is what I found on Wikipedia (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kabbalah) regarding the second claim which you say is not correct:

“Kabbalah, also spelled Cabala or Qabbālâ etc. (different transliterations now tend to denote alternative traditions, Hebrew: קַבָּלָה‎ literally “receiving/tradition”), is an esoteric method, discipline and school of thought. Its definition varies according to the tradition and aims of those following it, from its religious origin as an integral part of Judaism, to its later Christian, New Age, or Occultist syncretic adaptations. Kabbalah** is a set of esoteric teachings** meant to explain the relationship between an unchanging, eternal and mysterious Ein Sof (no end) and the mortal and finite universe (his creation).”

Now, I don’t need to check Wikipedia to know what Esotericism or the Occult are. They are a set of beliefs connected to the ancient mystery religions which our Early Church Fathers condemned. They are just a fancy name for Satanism.

In authentic Judaism - the Judaism of the Old Testament and Moses and Abraham and Adam (not the Judaism of “the Kabbalah”) - Satan was always evil. Who do you think the serpent who tempted Adam was? An “angel in the service of God.” Such a claim is an insult and a offense to the Old and New Testaments.

In the video I cited in the OP, the presenter mentions the book * The Temples That Jerusalem Forgot* by Ernst Martin in support of the claim that the Western Wall was never part of the Second Temple but rather a part of Fort Antonia. This got my interest piqued so I started looking around and found this old video on Youtube (youtube.com/watch?v=lyXrshJ2kq0) which is a computer simulation of Ernst Martin’s theory.

From the little I have read so far, it seems that Ernst Martin was convinced that the Temple was built upon the Ghion spring - water being needed for Temple needs. This would be south of the Temple Mount and closer to the Al Aqsa mosque. Such a theory is also in line with Christ’s prophecy that “no stone shall stand upon another.” The stones that appear to be standing today are really from Fort Antonia. In other words, the Temple was destroyed down to the bedrock just as Jesus prophesied and jiving with known Roman methods for recovering hidden wealth, which basically amounted to razing and burning everything to the ground, allowing the precious metals to melt and run to the low ground and then having the conquered recover the metals before they were killed or made slaves.

I blame the Zoroastrians. :slight_smile:

I am not going to debate you, but your screed almost sounds like mystical, revisionist history written by someone who believes that the Protocols of Zion is true.
I agree with Meltzerboy - your screed is not only anti-zionist, it is pure Anti-Semitical dreck! (you should excuse the “d” expression)
To find that an educated Catholic could believe it is appalling. I suggest that you discuss this issue with your confessor. You may learn something…despite yourself.

My screed? Excuse me, what screed is that? Which post of mine did this screed happen to be in?

I am trying to have a discussion of the points raised in the video. Not once did I write anything that could be construed as a “screed” and you didn’t even have the courage to back up that slanderous accusation with any words of my alleged “screed.” You should be ashamed for making that assertion and for making the equally hateful, slanderous assertion that I am anti-semitic.

And then you have presumption to tell me to talk to my confessor! You must be joking.

Back-up your hateful, slanderous assertions with words of mine that you think constitute a “screed” or “anti-semitism” or cease and desist your attempt to derail this discussion.

Nehemiah and Ezra built the second Temple back in the day. It was smaller compared to the first one, and maybe not as amazing as the first one, but at least they rebuilt the Temple. Then Kind Herod made it a life project to enlarge the Temple area, so you can say that the Western Wall is part of the Temple. Herod did some more work on it and expanded it and began to build walls, and the Western Wall is a remnant of that time. It took decades to build the walls of the Temple mount and they still built on it after Herod had already deseased.

I’m not going to watch the video. What Meltzerboy said is enough for me to not waste my time on it.

Again…Christ told us that “there will not be left here one stone upon another.” So I do not believe this “western wall” has anything to do with the second temple.

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