What are Will Smith's movie plans?

Will has’nt been in a movie since 2008’s “Seven pounds” which is one of the few movies with him I dont like.I know he’s going to be in “Bad boys III” and “Men in black III” but I dont think that’s a really good idea.It seems like he’s just capitalizing on and showing that he back by relying on the two franchises that led him to movie stardom in the 90’s.He’s been in like almost every genre except fantasy,horror and war movies.I’ve heard he’s going to be in a movie called “The last Pharoh” as Taharqa a Pharoh who ruled both Egypt and the Kingdom of Kush (Northern Sudan) tried to fight off an invasion by the Assyrians and lived in an era when (I think) black people from regions south of Egypt took over Egypt.If the movie has an aesthetic,cinematography and landscapes similar to Ridley’s Scott’s “Kingdom of Heaven” a movie about the Crusades then I think it will do fine at the box office.I dont like how I’ve heard that him and maybe Samuel Jackson will be in a movie by Quentin Tarantino (man that guy creeps me out).Sam Jackson in a Tarantino movie’s okay but it would be strange to see him in a movie with Tarantino’s aesthicization of violence.Personally I would much rather see him work on “The last pharoh” movie.
Him and his son I’ve heard will also be a horror movie by M. Night Shyamalan (which seems like a bad idea).If it was by Guillermo Del Toro then I think that would be more like Will’s kind of thing.Thank you all for your time and any thoughts and/or comments on this?.

I think he took a well earned break from acting for a while… but seems to be back to it now…

I think Bad Boys 3 and Men In Black 3 is kind of him trying to “reboot” his career a bit after his break.

You have a point but I dont think adding more to those two franchises is a good idea.Personally I think one of the reasons why those two franchises became hits was b/c he did them while he was finishing or after he finished “The fresh prince of Bel-air”.I think that there was an element of novelty in seeing a young rapper/sitcom actor turn out to be so good at movies as well(I cant say that I’m saying this from hindsight really b/c I was to young when the first “Bad boys” and “Men in black” movies came out) .Now he’s very well known but kind of old and working on Bad boys III or Men in black III would’nt have the same kind of appeal.Considering his age and his now 3 year absence from movies I would’nt mind seeing him from now on doing more like supporting character roles or as a character who’s equal in significance to another character throughout a movie while still doing the lead roles he’s well known for doing.The only movies I can think of where that’s happened is in “Wild wild west” and “The legend of Baggard Vance” (which I’ve only seen a tiny bit of).I’m sure that people would see that as understandable and still regard him well.

Not really… Bad Boys was directed by Michael Bay and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, which even back then ment the film was probably going to be a certifiable smash hit anyway no matter who starred in it(although Bay was still a “fresh” director back then, Bruckheimer was already a hit maker after his sucess with “Top Gun”). It’s a pretty good Action film to boot, and was Bay’s first(and in my opinion, only) quality action film. The movie actually raised Will’s profile and made him much more popular(put him in prime position for a smash hit film to come along and make him a genuine hollywood star… which of cause it did in '96), it was not sucessful because of “Fresh Prince”.

And “Men In Black” was “Post-Independance Day”, so Fresh Prince was long over and even arguebally fogotten by then, considering Will was pretty much “that cool guy from Independance Day who punched the alien” by then.

Now that’s what I call a close encounter!