What do Adult Women Wear For Their Confirmations?

I have no idea what one is supposed to wear or how dressy one is supposed to be. :shrug:

What colors?

Something simple?

Something fancy?

I know it should be something modest.

Any pictures would be very helpful.

I asked this question a couple of weeks ago in a social group, and the reply was “dressy, Sunday best”. I am being confirmed on March 25th and needed to know. It was also asked in my RCIA class last Sunday, with the same answer. Any color, adult women don’t need to wear white. The children wear white for their First Communion. So, like you say, modesty is expected, but other than that, I haven’t heard any hard and fast rules.
Any other suggestions would be welcome.

God Bless:signofcross:

The color and style does not matter. Wear a dress makes you feel special on your special day. As you you said, it should be modest. The guidelines for confirmation at the church I attend is knee length and no bare shoulders.

Congratulations to you!

Someone told me that red was a good color as it represents the Holy Spirit. Have you heard of this?

I have and it is actually encouraged by some parishes for their confimands.

Wear good, dressy clothes like you’d wear to church, not too short of skirts or pants, not too high of high heels, shoulders covered and not a lot of skin, but nothing you’ll have trouble moving in (or will trip over). Bear in mind that whoever confirms you, he’ll be looking down at you, so be careful about how your bodice fits!

Also, remember that he’ll be laying hands on your head, so this is probably not the time to have a ponytail, bun, stiff hairstyle, or a mohawk way up top of your head. :slight_smile: I mean, it’s not like it won’t work through hair, because it will… but don’t make the man worry about collapsing your hair or anything.

Unless somebody at your church has some bright idea about having everyone dress in red or white or “flame colors”, you can wear whatever color you like.

Ha ha.

Unless somebody at your church has some bright idea about having everyone dress in red or white or “flame colors”, you can wear whatever color you like.

Even black?

I purchased a black and red veil in anticipation of me finding some sort of red outfit. My daughter told me that the veil was goth-creepy, but nice. :stuck_out_tongue:

Would something like this be too much? I’m only referring to the skirt.


Honestly, I think so. That looks like something one would wear to prom or a red carpet event.

I think I’m still thinking of the equivalent of a child’s white confirmation outfit.

Sounds like very good points to consider. I bought a nice 3 piece dressy suit, a pale lime green, kind of an Easter color.

I had not heard of red symbolizing the Holy Spirit. :shrug:

Yes, in white, that would look like something a child would wear to their first Communion. When I was received into the Church, I wanted to go with a predominately white outfit, as is traditional, but did not want something that was completely white as it would look like a wedding dress on an adult. I wore a white, knee length halter dress with light brown and yellow flowers on it, with a light brown quarter length sweater shrug, light panty hose, light brown mantilla. I also wore gold colored flat shoes, normally I would wear heels with a dressy outfit, but I was terrified of slipping and falling on the steps in front of everyone!

Here are some pictures if you want to see:
First is my sponsor, me, and my pastor who received me
second is just us up close

I think they’re referring maybe to the vestment color of red for Pentecost? That’s the only thing I can think of.

Awesome. I needed to see some pictures.

You scared me when you said halter dress, but I see you wore something under ha ha.

Nice pictures and it gives me a better idea.

Over and under. It’s almost impossible to find a dress that actually has sleeves, so I just had to buy a few shrugs.
Here’s a couple more pictures so you can kind of see what some of the other women were wearing…they’re not very good but it’s all I have…

The two women in the middle wear baptized and so are wearing white.

But as you can see, the clothing was pretty much normal Sunday dress. Nothing too fancy.

Yes, definitely normal clothes.

Hmm. I might have to rethink this.

I’ll e-mail you a picture of what my wife wore when we were confirmed.


Got it. Thanks for sharing.

I have a feeling that there will be kneeling going on as this will be a confirmation in the extraordinary form, so I will probably only have to be concerned about skirt/length.

I was a Ranger Guide when I got confirmed and kind of chickend out by being able to wear uniform which got permission to very easily. :slight_smile:

Ha ha.