What do you plan to do during Lent?

I plan to really follow my diabetic diet which I tend to slip up on from time to time. It kind of limits what I can do with fasting, but just sticking to it is sort of a fast.

I also want to read or re-read Interior Mansions, Confessions of St.Augustine, and the text from Fr.Barron’s Catholicism series (the book is titled Catholicism)

I am also going to try to not read the novels I like to read and re-read.

I also want to finish my grandson’s quilt.

I am going to try to make it a perpetual habit of abstaining on every Friday of the year. It’s so easy to abstain during Lent because it’s pushed and it just feels different, everyone knows, while it’s hard for me to remember to abstain or do something else for the rest of the year because it isn’t pushed and there just isn’t that “culture factor,” I suppose. Funny because all my friends think Catholics still abstain from meat on every Friday and mass is in Latin. I was the same way until I converted. :smiley:

Get ashes and abstain from eat meat on Ash Wednesday. Abstain from meat on all Fridays. Attend Mass on all Sundays.

Read (at least 15-30 minutes) Holy Scripture every day (night).

Go to Church everyday during Holy Week.

And give something up, just not 100% sure as to what yet. :slight_smile:

Begin a workout regimen, pray a rosary every morning & read daily scriptures.

Last year I started attending daily mass. This year I’m going to add the LOTH.

Going to put aside an hour of prayer time every day.

Spend less time on this blasted machine!
Now what to replace it with…:hmmm:
ooh I know!

This year is going to be quite intense. I will limit myself to only one hour of television and one hour of video games a day, I will abstain completely from pop and sweets as is a tradition of mine, I will read an hour and a half of books about Saints or something else theological, read half an hour of the Bible everyday, do more school, be in bed by eleven at night if I can help it, sleep on the floor, pray an hour and a half a day or more if possible, exercise more, and eat less. This just about sums it up, though I’ve probably forgotten a few things.

We only have a DVD player and monitor [no cable or tv] so we plan to give up all movies, dvds during the week.

=o What a good guy you are.

Abstaining from meat on Fridays.
Reading the entire New Testament.
I’ll be giving up something but I’m not sure exactly what yet, most likely television.
I’ll probably scrape together as much extra money as I can to donate to the poor for food and such things.

Yup, I forgot a few things, Abstaining for one - no problem with diabetic diet on that!

Also, giving up booze - we like that evening cocktail so the hub and I are giving that up except for Sundays.

Mom was a cutie - we always gave up candy for Lent, except for Sundays. Mom said Sundays were not technically Lent. Not sure about that, but a fond memory just the same. I think she just missed candy. So we are giving ourselves a bye on Sundays!

Say a decade a day and BE NICER. Just because I can verbally slam someone doesn’t mean I should.

I jokingly say that always give-up cold, boiled rutabagas.

I shall try to abstain from meat and sweets, except on Sundays. Unfortunately, I can’t go to Mass everyday, but I do intend to say the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet, daily.

Hi all,

I guess I will give up supper and donate the saved money to a charity organization, but I will continue practice dancing, I suppose, but won’t go out dancing, and in addition to that I won’t eat sweets, hopefully I can bring myself to do some fitness exercises.

That’s the one thing I am proud of beeing a catholic, that I am able to do that stunt!


I should probably start thinking about that… :o

I’m going to give up complaining. It’s really shameful how much I do it, mostly just to myself, muttering under my breath, but that hardly makes it better. No complaining about the weather, about hubby, about loud kids who won’t listen (yes, mine :wink: ), and especially no complaining about no complaining. :smiley:

Good luck, I wish you well. :wink:

Sleep on the floor? :frowning:

No meat on Fridays (obvious)
No sushi except for my birthday (and even then only if someone was treating me)
No dropping hints about wanting to be treated to sushi for my birthday.
No french fries

No “fun knitting”. Forget those Dr. Who scarves and cable sweaters (Whaaaaaaa! I’ll miss you!). All knitting will be for Hats 4 the Homeless. Every Christmas I find myself wishing I did Lenten charity knitting. I certainly have enough leftover yarn for it. I’m finally going to do it this year. :slight_smile: