What do you think of Dan Mohler?


Some friends of mine are fans of a preacher named Dan Mohler (not to be confused with Albert Mohler). I’ve watched a few bits of him on youtube to see what he’s about. I obviously do not know the man personally, and am wondering if anyone here is familiar with him. He seems like an enthusiastic fellow and friendly, but during some parts, particularly a couple of healings, it seemed a little contrived to me personally. Really showy and some of the testimony seemed kinda rehearsed (one lady in particular who claimed to be healed).

I am hoping that he is a genuine guy and is not some kind of charlatan doing this for money or notoriety. I wouldn’t want my friends to be “used” in that kind of way. Any (name removed by moderator)ut on this particular gentleman would be appreciated if you are familiar with him. Thanks.

Don’t know anything about him, but anyone who does healings on tv is likely to be looking for a lot of donations. If your gut feeling is that the “healings” looked “faked” or strange, I’d go with your feelings in this case.

Dan Mohler is a popular pastor from Abbotstown, PA. He is well know throughout the world but does not publicize his meetings/teachings. His popularity is mostly from people recording his teachings and putting them on youtube and the likes. He only ministers at local churches throughout the US, to unify and exhort the body. He does not post his travel plans, as he is very popular and people from all over would come to see him; but his heart is to minister to that local church and empower them to go out and do the exploits. He does not take offerings where he ministers nor does he provide a way to give to his ministry. He pays his own way for his travels, and ususally prefers to stay with the pastor of the local church or one of the members. So, I would say he’s not in it for the money.

What denomination or “non-denomination” is Mr. Mohler a member of ?

I’m not sure if he belongs to any type of denomination at all. Just himself, I guess? :hmmm:

I did not mean to be nosy or rude. By knowing which denomination or “non-denomination” someone belongs to just help to understand where they are coming from.

No, no–I don’t think you are being nosy or rude at all. It’s very true that knowing an association with some kind of denomination would shed light on his beliefs. I wish I knew the answer so that I could understand him better.

Check out his testimonial interview:

Yeah Dan Mohler is definitely not in it for fame or money. After 35 years of being a Christian and listening to countless sermons & teachings I have never witnessed anyone who has lived like Jesus like the way I have seen in Dan Mohler. The love and truth that flow out of him will revolutionize your life as it has mine and many others. He makes it very simple, it’s not about himself “his ministry” it’s about who Christ made you to be and how believing this truth will set you free!!!

The reason Dan is excepted by so many different streams of Christianity is because he has a very powerful yet loving way of declaring the simple truth of what Jesus has accomplished, and Dan is not out attacking other denominations that disagree with him.

Dan recently spent a weekend living with my family while speaking at our church in upstate NY. I can tell you that he is as sincere a man in private as he is in the public eye. When he left it was like losing a family member. His message is clear and clearly conveyed. He absolutely loves God and loves people likewise. I’m not sure anyone I’ve ever heard has a more amazIng grasp if the gospel than Dan Mohler. As for healing i think we all know that some people are going to exaggerate but there were genuine healings taking place for sure including a girl I know personally who quit using heroin when she gave her life to Christ a month ago. Dan called her out if the entire congregation and said he knew she needed special prayer. The next day all of the track marks from using had healed. I know this girl personally and I can vouch it being very real. As a believer myself I know all healing comes from God but there’s no doubt that Dan knows in his heart that God loves his children and wants them to know it. Also a pretty cool thing, a man in his 29’s gave his life to Christ after Dan gave an alter call and the mans watch stopped working at the exact time he gave his life to God. It froze right on that time. You may say Coincidence but I don’t think so, even if it was the probability of it at that exact time has to be pretty slim

I also wanted to add that Dan asked for absolutely zero money. He drove here using his truck and his own money. Then drove back home in a snow storm. He told us and I believe him, that once he committed to coming to speak at out church that he was coming no matter what. The only way he would not come is if we told him not to. Our whole church family was touched by Dan and we will never be the same again after his time with us. He is the real thing

I have never heard of him. What kind of training or schools did he attend to be a pastor?

I’ve not heard of him either…but I’m not active out in social settings too much anymore.

I have watched some of Dan’s YouTube videos and find him to be a very wonderful example of a Christian man living for Christ. He seems to know his Bible front and back, practically every sentence is filled with God’s Word and he lights up God’s Word. He is going to be in Killeen, TX the weekend of Sept 18th, 2015, and I can’t wait to go.

He did not ask for any money to make the trip and said he would stay in a family’s home. As far as asking for donations, I doubt he does that either. His YouTube videos are free to watch. I presume he lets the Lord take care of him. That is amazing.

You can hear the truth about Dan Mohler below. There’s no argument as to whether or not Dan had an experience, because he did. However, it wasn’t with the Lord Jesus Christ.

For such ones are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. Did not even Satan marvelously transform himself into an angel of light?
(2 Corinthians 11:13-14 MKJV)

Dr. Frankenstein and His Creation (Todd White)