What do you think the strictest religion is?

What do you think is the strictest religion/denomination? Strict with regards to dress, rules on behavior (i.e. sex), allowance of different beliefs, punishment for breaking any of the rules.

The strictest religious group I can think of isPuritans. That religion no longer exists. Can you think of any still around today that are super strict like that?

The Amish come to mind, but they have rumspringa so by that one fact I consider them not 100% strict.
(rumspringa = Some Amish youth …[go] to live among the “English”, or non-Amish North Americans, experiencing modern technology and perhaps even experimenting with sex, alcohol and illegal drugs. Their behavior during this time represents no necessary bar to returning for adult baptism into the Amish church)

So does anyone know of any religions like the Puritans who are really really strict?

For your convenience, here is a list of Christian denominations but your answers need not be limited to Christian denominations.
Here is a list of religions.

Atheism, by far.

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Actually, I don’t think the Puritans were necessarily that strict. Some modern sects prohibit alcohol and dancing, after all.

I would think that Islam is…

It was against the law to celebrate Christmas :eek:
Toys and games were seen as sinful :eek:
If you were caught playing football (soccer) you could be whipped
You would be fined for cursing

Scientology, maybe. But I tend to classify that as being more a bad whiff of cerebral flatus than an actual religion. What, with the ray-guns and the brain-beams and the engrams (which, in an amusing turn, would have originally been named Norns, for more on that please study Asatru…) Anyway, if the rumours I hear about it are true than I would say with their brain-washing and ritual purity, prescribed by a drug-addled leader who ought to have through his addictions realised what a blessing chastity and sobriety are… and they mess with your family if you try to quit.

If not scientology than Islam, fundamentalist Islam where they can cut off your hands for stealing. Although, to wit, a handless thief is a good thief…

If not fundamentalist Islam than backwater Southern Christianity where the Biblical passages about sparing thou not the rod are taken to be a fifth gospel. I think it takes a lot of chutzpah to survive a made-up imitation of a proper religion where the father of the house physically embodies the “fear of God.”

If not backwater “Christianity” than, oh, I don’t know. Wimpy people love to accuse religion of being so harsh and brutal… and they also love to accuse religious folks of being weak-minded. Yet wouldn’t the guy who survived scientology, the South and Islam technically, by virtue of his surviving, be more mentally resilient than the guy who believes he’s walking worm-food? Maybe secular humanism, I have to assume believing that when you’re done growing up and you die that the technical impossibility of “nothing” happens would be fairly disturbing. But sparing my philosophical ventures into atheism, I would say that atheism is a pretty strict religion in terms of mental discipline. And I suppose one could say that atheism isn’t a religion, but it is, sort of. It’s a religion like buddhism is a religion, and the last I checked the destination is ultimately the same. Religion, strictly defined, is obligation and reverence.

And if not atheism than Asatru. I mean, what could be more brutal than: “if you don’t die in glorious combat, or at least in a fire saving a kitten, you’ll never see Valhalla! And you’re not my son and/or daughter and I disown you! Now raise your horns! Nyaeahh!” I also recall reading in one of Galina Krasskova’s books that those who abuse cats are subject to the wrath of the “godess” Freyja. I put the term goddess in quotes not to mock their beliefs, such as they are, but to advance the interesting theory that Freyja is in fact Gullveig, a giantess of Jotun-stock. Also, look up some of the old girl Galina’s more radical exploits in the name of “religion.” it’s chilling, really. And also look up Freya Aswynn’s response, slightly less chilling and, if you’re a pagan or agnostic with a flare for existential drama, charming.

Also, I like your quote and picture. I don’t have a pug but I find drugs repugnant. I do raise chickens though.

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What is the purpose of this question? To avoid or to join the strictest religion? :cool:

How is any of this relative and to what?

Do Buddist Monks not live strick? Can you sit naked in ice and maintain normal body temperature? Did Daniel walk down in Lions Den for God and the Jews? Could you do that? American Indians levitate, can you do that? Walk through fire? Hindu and its mystical realm is pretty amazing. You don’t reach that through chance.

What is the subjective and objective thinking here?

Does Islam live a stricter live than all those bound to poverty, obedience and chastity throughout the Christian world?

Who were the most martyred last century thus willing to die for their belief without resistance?

How about the thinking behind the question? :shrug:

Is drugs a religion or simply self-destructive behavior? Thats a choice called suicide without the heart to just end it, so they drag the innocent with them year after year after year. They don’t want to die, trust me on this one, they simply don’t want to live. For every play-day there’s a pay-day though. They play russian roulette with their life daily and one day the Gun wins.

Living your ego is religion? No thats illusion, that somehow you arrived at in your own mind. Maybe someone else was a tool you used to confirm your own illogical thinking, however in the end only you are to blame.


gotta be the Shakers, whose proscription against sex meant they eventually died out

This made me laugh SO hard! I’m glad I wasn’t drinking anything cause then I’d probably have to buy a new monitor and I can’t afford one right now.

First of all, Valhalla is not the only possible afterlife destination (although it is the one that gets “played up” in the literature. Yes, most do go to Hel, but Hel isn’t a bad place. Some might also go and stay with Freyja in her hall (and she doesn’t just take male warriors, young women might also go to be with her). Someone might choose to reside in their grave mound, or in natural features (such as mountains). Those who died by drowning went to live with Ran in her hall. Some of the literature suggests that the deceased reincarnate through their family lines. Nowhere does it say that “non-warriors will be tormented in the afterlife”. Apart from that, Heathens weren’t strict in the sense that there were prohibitions on drinking and dancing and thinking sexy thoughts about the opposite sex, openly same-sex pairings were stigmatized, but as long as a man or woman married and had children, what they did in their bedrooms didn’t matter.

Also, neither Freya Aswynn nor Galina Krasskova represent or speak for the majority of Asatruar (or non-Icelandic Heathens in general). Aswynn is known for making some rather…odd…comments regarding race and homosexuality, and most Heathens don’t worship the jotnar (in fact, the vast majority are appalled at the idea of worshiping jotnar who aren’t allied with the gods) or engage in the sorts of activities that Krasskova does. You’re looking at the fringes of the movement and thinking it represents the whole, that is not the case.

Anyways, which religion do I think is strictest? I think many religions have stricter variations. Some families in India are strict regarding ritual purity (especially if you’re a member of the brahmin caste) others are not. I wouldn’t consider all branches of Islam to be strict, the Ismaili woman I interviewed for an assignment in university didn’t wear hijab (what exactly constitutes modesty is up for debate) and while praying five times a day might be considered strict, their dietary restrictions (pork and alcohol) have nothing on strict Jews (particularly of the traditional Orthodox variety).

As for the strictest of the strict, I’d say the kind that doesn’t allow drinking, or dancing, or even looking at the opposite sex (must keep down those lustful thoughts!) where women are forbidden to wear pants, or do much of anything besides be barefoot and pregnant (and don’t even think about educating them). Basically, I think that more “fundamentalist” sects tend to place more restrictions on the faithful.

This is true. :smiley:

I was going to say the Amish but realized that you did. My mom grew up Mennonite and lived in an Amish/Mennonite community and they have these councils where they make up rules about things like what kind of hats are too worldly, and how many buttons can one wear on their shirts, nonsense like that.

The other one would probably be fundamentalist Islam, at least for the women of the religion.

Then there are certain cults that are extremely strict.

Catholicism is mostly just strict with regards to sex, as you can’t separate sex from openness to procreation in Catholicism, or have homosexual acts, or masturbation, etc.

I was bored and reading about religions on Wikipedia and that got me thinking what religion was the strictest. pretty straightforward.

SonCatcher is right, the Puritans did not forbid alcohol so maybe they weren’t the strictest. But they did outlaw celebrating Christmas :eek: and you could be whipped for playing ball games :eek:

Oh wow that is pretty strict. So did your mom do the rumspringa thing? I take it she did not go back to the community since otherwise you would not be here talking to us on a fancy computer :smiley:

What do you think the strictest religion is?

Islam - with the Sharia Law and rules & customs.

Not quite… there are three left. :smiley:

Jeannine Lauber: Exploring the Modern Day Shakers

When you do a search Islam and Shikhism come up. FYI I have seen the discussion of Athiesm as not a religion and is to be avoided.

I would say Islam because in some countries you will be executed for apostasy from that religion.

I think that the cult of Jim Jones was the strictest.

Their kool-aid alone could kill ya’ :o

Yes, yes, very bad and very horrible joke. :stuck_out_tongue:

The strictest religion in terms of standards of practice, that I know of, is Haredi Judaism.

However, the Druze religion also seems rather strict, but in other ways.