What do your nieces/nephews call you?

Hi all!:wave:

I am going to be a new Aunt in a couple of weeks.:slight_smile: I am Godmother to the only 2 nieces that I have, so they both call me “Nanny”. I won’t be Godmother to my new nephew, so he can’t call me “Nanny”. (my SIL won’t allow him to call me that. she chose her Pentacostal sister who doesn’t attend any church to be the Godmother.:whacky: :frowning: )

I am trying to think of a spunky name for him to call me besides the boring Aunt ______. Any suggestions?


**My niece just uses my name. My youngest nephew is in a “hey you” kind of stage. My middle nephew CAN’T talk.

My step nieces/nephews just called me auntie…but I never see them anymore. :frowning:

But they all came up with it on their own. That’s really the most fun. Just let them call you what they call you, and it will be cute as can be! :slight_smile:

I remember just using “aunt ____” for all of my aunts when in person. I just used their names to refer to them when they weren’t physically present.


Just “aunt” or “auntie” or my name when they get to a certain age.

heck… my own kids stopped calling me mom and started calling me Big Red… I would settle for a Hey You!

We have over a dozen neices and nephews and most call me “auntie” but my sister’s oldest calls me TiTi.(tee-tee). She couldn’t say auntie so it came out titi (that’s how she spells it). My kids adopted that name and will call my sister TiTi. When I say, “I talked to Aunt so and so” they say, “Who??” and I say, “TiTi”. Ooooh.
It’s cute just to let them come up with a name for you. Or you may end up plain ole Aunt ____. That’s okay too. I have just plain Aunt Janet and she is my favorite.

You will be surprised at what sticks.

I was only 7 when my niece was born so we’ve always been more like sisters than aunt and niece. She’s alaways just called me by my name though, it would be weird if she called me aunt _____. In my family though I call all my aunts by their name and then my great aunts on my grandmother’s side are all tia (aunt in spanish) and on my grandfather’s side they are all aunt _____. I don’t really know why, that’s just always how it’s been

Not about me… but more my kids and my sister…

My sister’s name is Maureen… Mo for short.
So from the very beginning she’s been “Aunt Mo”…

With the divine pronunciation of a 2 year old…
“Aunt Mo” is now officially “ELMO”…

I’m an only child so don’t have nieces/nephews - but my step-sister recently had a baby and she calls me Aunt Liza to him, so guess that’s what I’ll be. My godson and his siblings call me Aunt Liza too - well, when they were really tiny it was more like Antweeeeza. LOL!! :smiley:


Most of my nieces/nephew call me the regular Aunt Mich. Three of them call me “Mushy” :rolleyes: :o because the oldest of the three took to calling me that when she was a baby, and it stuck with her sister and brother too. The rest of my siblings are just “Aunt/Uncle_____”.

I’m ‘mom’ to ds#3, but my older 2 boys call me ‘Mumzy’ :rolleyes: no idea where they got that one. On the other hand, my big boys’ friends have started calling me ‘mom’:shrug:

Nieces and nephews when they’re young call me Aunt + my first name, When they’re older teens and adults they call me by my first name. :shrug:

Edited to add: One of my Aunts recently started refering to herself and “Favorite Aunt Beth” and expected us to do the same.:smiley: Yes, she is my only ‘Aunt Beth’

I don’t really like the ‘Aunt’ name, since so few get called ‘Uncle’, and the kids like the uncles more than the aunts (evil sneer)

I like it when a made up name becomes their name. My family has had a ‘Hun-Bunch’ (shortened from ‘Honey Bunch’) and a ‘We We’, which was never even a name for a person, for what the CAR was called), and a friend has a mother that’s a ‘Bakka’ - maybe Star Wars was on the tv or something.

Just remember: whatever you start them calling you in diapers, when they are old and YOU are back in diapers, that’s still going to be their name for you. You may have 50 kids calling you that same thing, so be careful what you open up the world to. At the same time, be grateful, as it’s their name for you.

my sister’s kids call me aunt lisa as well as my BIL’s kids. My sister-in-law’s kids though either call me aunt lisa or aunt maggie (the nickname maggie was given to me as soon as I was dating DH–his brother gave it to me seeing as everyone else in the family has a name like moose, seaweed, Pappy, woman, Ice T, Cow.

Yes, I still get puzzled faces from my friends but that’s DH’s way of showing love and affection. lol :smiley:

I don’t understand why your nephew cannot call you the same thing your nieces do.

And, what does “Nanny” have to do with being their Godmother?

My nieces and nephews all call me Aunt Amber :slight_smile:

My son used to call my SIL Aunt Mamy, or just Mamy (her name is Mandy)

My son and daughter call (and still do) my other SIL Aunt Duck or just Duck… Her name is Colette :shrug: I dunno, but it sticks. So now she signs things
~Love Duck, B, and boys


Zia is auntie in Italian—you could be ZiaTia. I am Zia-Bella to friend’s child. When my nephews were small I was Aunt Babe because my mother called me Babe and they lived with her.

Hispanic here:wave:

“Madrina” is Godmother in spanish. My Godchildren,nieces and nephews, call me “Nina” for short. My husband they call “Nino” for short from “Padrino” means Godfather.

My other nieces and nephews call me “Tia” its spanish for “Aunt”.
“Tio” is spanish for “Uncle”.

I remind children, both others and mine, to use their manners. Don’t call teachers, doctors, judges, police officers,priests and adult family members by their first names.Show them respect.


I am from South Louisiana, and just about everyone calls their Godmother ‘Nanny’, and their Godfather ‘Parrain’. Once someone is branded with the name of ‘Nanny or Parrain’, usually the other siblings call that person ‘Nanny and Parrain’ even if they aren’t the Godparents just because they hear their brother and sister saying that. My hubby called all of his aunts ‘Nanny their name’. It’s a Cajun thing I guess…I didn’t realize that calling a Godmother ‘Nanny’ was a local thing, but from the sound of your post it must be.:shrug: :smiley:

And to answer your first question, I don’t know why she doesn’t want him to call me ‘Nanny’ either. I don’t know why she does alot of things she does, but it’s not my place to judge her.:wink: I just have to accept her wishes I guess.:frowning: (Oh, and she is from our area…)

Sorry for the confusion!:slight_smile:

I see now. Nannan is a Cajun word. The French word Marraine is Godmother-- I suppose Nannan is the Cajun dialect’s version. Parrain is the French word for Godfather. It doesn’t seem to be different in the Cajun dialect.

Yes, it is very specific to Cajun French.

Since your sister is the one having the issue, let her deal with it. I wouldn’t spend my time trying to come up with something. The kid is going to call you what he/she wants anyway-- regardless of what the mom wants.

My nephews, nieces, and goddaughter all call me “aunt Susan,” or “tia Susan,” since we’re hispanic. “Tia” means “aunt” in spanish.

You could steal the title “tia,” then you could be “tia Tia.” :smiley: :thumbsup:

We have three neices, but are close with a whole family of cousins who all have little ones! I have a long name so they all use my nickname. So my husband and I have become Aunt Randa and Ahmo (Arabic for Uncle)!:smiley: