What does "Going to Adoration" mean?

Someone recommended it to me in another thread.

Adoration is when one goes to Church sometime other than Mass and prays in front of the alter where the Blessed Sacrament is.

Adoration is when we go to the church and pray in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

You can go any time into the church to privately pray before the tabernacle, like a private adoration. But when people speak of adoration, they usually mean going to church during the time when the parish has Adoration with Exposition scheduled. This is when the priest or deacon takes one Host out of the tabernacle and puts it in a special holder called a “monstrance” that is placed on the altar. The monstrance has a round glass window that the Host in placed in, so that it is exposed, or visible, to the people. Parishoners (or anyone, really) are encouraged to come during Adoration with Exposition. The people are “adoring,” or worshipping, Christ in His Real Presence in the Eucharist. You can come anytime during the Adoration period, and stay as long or as short as you wish. While you are there sitting quietly in the pew before the Real Presence, you can pray, read spiritual books, meditate on a mystery of the faith, ponder God’s will for us, etc.

In my parish, we have Adoration with Exposition every First Friday of the month from 9am-5pm. Some parishes have perpetual adoration, which means it goes on in a side chapel 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (with a few exceptions). The parish should have parishoner volunteers sheduled at Adoration with Exposition so that at least one person is present at Adoration at all times. Everyone else can come and go as they wish. Call the parishes near you to see if they have Adoration and when. You’ll be glad you went!

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Certain churches have adoration at different times, big devout ones will have perpetual (24/7) adoration and others will only have it one day out of the week.*should be in the bulletin… also call the different churches in your area.)

It’s basically Our Lord in the Eucharist on the altar, and we can just silently pray to Him and be in His prescence for as long as we want. It’s awesome to just spend time, physically, with Jesus :heaven:. It’s absolutely silent, except for the occasional clack of rosary beads shifting or the creak of the door. Other than that, SILENCE. Just you and Him:D

*I recently found out that rather than your typical right knee genuflect, when you’re in front of the Eucharist exposed (adoration) then you need to genuflect w/ both knees, as in fully kneel like the apostles would have when they saw Jesus coming, then you can sit down/kneel/enter the pew/whatever.

Honestly the few times I’ve been to adoration I recieved a profound resolution to something. As in one time, God gave me the courage to confess a grave sin I’d been commiting, and I knew it was wrong but was so weak I needed extra help. The last time, last week, as per my recent speculation about what it would be like to pray outside an abortion clinic, God told me, you MUST do this. And then the next morning I woke up and He told me, here’s a school holiday, so you can work that weekend as well(big money problems). Like He said, I know you were thinking about this, and I really want you to do it for Me. So here’s a day that I have provided especially for you to do it.

Adoration really helps you to be open to what God’s trying to tell you! Going to Him in this way really means a lot to Him. It is NOT like your average prayer session kneeling by your bed. It’s a thousand times more!! Remember when you go: both pray and LISTEN! Listening is so important, so just say a few prayers then just bask in His prescence and an answer will hopefully come to you.

HINT: Perpetual adoration live online :slight_smile: Here’s what it looks like! :heart:

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There are 3 perpetual Adoration C:Dhapels where I live. :slight_smile: I primarily pray the rosary there. I’d never even heard of Adoration Chapels until I was taken to one after showing my interest in the catholic faith to a friend of mine. I’m glad I did. Because of her I go to a great church and have had exposure to the Adoration Chapels. I have Catholic friends who have never even heard of Adoration Chapels so I tell them all about it.

Adoration is one of the best things there are :slight_smile:

it’s also helped me to appreciate Communion more…

it’s really powerful.

the first time I went I could only stay a little bit. But the more I went, the better it got.