What Does The Godparents Buy The Godchild?

I am just wondering if there is a certain etiquette for the Godparents to follow regarding baptizing a child? Do I need to purchase him something in particular? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!:slight_smile:

In some cultures the godparents buy the baptismal gown. But in our family, it was usually savings bonds. :slight_smile:

I always get a nice leather Children’s Bible and have the child’s name imprinted on the cover. When I recently gave this gift to a new grandchild, my older grandchild remarked that she had one just like it…and seemed very pleased when I told her that I had given it to her .and was now giving one to the new baby. I also like to give a cross for the baby’s room. My family tradition use to be for the god parents to give a sterling silver baby cup with the child’s name engraved on it .
Congratulations on being chosen as godparents!

I have always bought the Baptismal gown, Bible, crib medal & bond.

I bought a regular Bible for my godson and a children’s Bible for my goddaughter. (Same family.) I also regularly buy them Christmas gifts to enrich their faith - children’s books about the faith (I bought one called “The Weight of a Mass”, based on a true story about how not a single item in a shop could equal the weight of a piece of paper with the words “One Mass” written on it - the Mass always weighed MORE; the kids LOVED the book), children’s books about the saints, etc.

A nice option would be to have a Mass said every year on the date of the Baptism.
Trinkets come and go, but prayers last a lifetime!

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I have bought both my Godchildren Crosses that went with the decor of their rooms and a savings bond.

Both of my children received religious-themed books and a check. My second child received a very nice children’s Bible and his godfather mentioned that it was traditional for godparents to give the child’s first Bible. I hadn’t heard that before but it sounded nice, and that’s what we are getting our godchild for his baptism next month.

It may depend on where you are, but around here there doesn’t seem to be a consensus on a particular gift. Baptismal clothing is often handed down. Something thoughtful and according to your means will definitely be appreciated.

I like pianistclare’s suggestion, too.

Thanks for the replies! The child I am baptizing is a little older, 8 yo so I think I should perhaps give him a bible and a monetary gift. He is my cousins son, is $100 enough?

Haven’t read all the replies, but here’s what I did for my God children – five girls/one boy.

Honestly for my nephew I don’t remember what I got him other than I know I got him a rosary. I’m sure I got something else. I just don’t remember what.

For the girls I got charms – James Avery seashell charms and had the date engraved. Three of my God daughters are my “nieces” – meaning they’re my best friend’s girls and they call me aunt. Two of the girls are my actual nieces – I also got them charms, but I also get them charms for each milestone in their life – first day of school, first ballet recital – the older one is now into drama so I got her the theater masks. Kind of like a jewelry scrapbook.