What does this Virgin Mary dream mean?

So this dream had been on my mind for quite some time now. Well, all day to be exact but here’s the dream.
It started off with me and my older sister going somewhere, then appeared some sort of purple like goo framed on a wall, like a painting of some sort. After I looked at it, the frame showed me memories of a video game that I didn’t want to relive. I cried so much, I begged it that I didn’t want to see anymore and live through that video game ever again.

This video game that I’m talking about is called Final Fantasy VIII (I will post a link for anyone who is not familiar with this video game.) You may start asking, well what does this game have anything to do with your dream about the Virgin Mary? And here’s where it connects.

So as the portrait took me in, I was teleported into a large garden. Then I became the hero of the Final Fantasy game. I was still myself,but I now carried the hero’s name. I started to look for a certain part of the garden that would trigger the events to change and find the main antagonist of the video game. And as I went through the garden, it was like I was playing a video game. Just an ordinary level you must beat to advance. Then as I stumbled across an area, I saw a shrine of the Virgin Mary. Ones like you would see at a catholic church. I walked up to it, and her hands were reaching out to me,so I took her hands. Here’s where it gets more interesting. Her statue was porcelain, but as I reached out to her hands,in my dream they felt so human like. Her hands were so warm, that when I grabbed her hands, her statue moved and she pulled me in for a hug. She was so warm, she felt like a real hands considering her statue was porcelain. Then I began to cry. I told her that I am desperately looking for someone. This someone was the hero’s love interest in the game. In my words I said this,

“Please, I need to find her! I really want to find her!”
Then virgin mary spoke to me,
“You will find her, just be easy.” She said other things but after waking up I only remember a few details. Then it skipped to this, while still holding me in her arms -

“When you meet up with her, accept all the things she has done for you! And everything she did that you said annoyed you. Appreciate them. Every gift.”

“Virgin Mary!” I cried more and more. “I swear I am going to find her and when I do, I will love everything she has given me. Those gifts that I once considered silly and stupid. I will love them forever! I am going to find her I swear!”

Now, what I find so odd is that why am I the video games hero? Why am I trying to find the hero’s love interest when I am not attracted to her. (I’m a female in real life.) What is the meaning to seeing the Virgin Mary in my dream like this?

I never had anyone shower me with gifts like that,let alone any type of love interest. It strikes me odd because normally, I would be the one to shower someone with gifts and they would fine my gifts to be silly and stupid.

Thanks again if anyone would help me understand this dream.

Do you feel called to marriage?
Do you need to consider finding a future husband who truly values you?

It was a dream. It doesn’t really have a “meaning”. Our subconscious comes up with all sorts of crazy things. Don’t try to read deep meaning into dreams.

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Frankly, a dream is usually just a dream. There is no meaning to be had. Just forget about it.

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