What is the family tree from Adam and Eve?

Can someone please tell me the family tree from Adam and Eve. Including sons, daughters, who married who. Please :slightly_smiling_face:

Genesis mentions sons Cain, Abel, and Seth, but not any more names than that.

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We also have some info on later generations but up to Abraham we don’t get much info on who married whom.

Where are the women?

The first mention of wives names are the wives of Lamech Adah and Zillah (Gen 4: 19).

Did Adam and Eve have daughters too?


But where are the spouses of these people after Adam and Eve?

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Up and coming matriarchy in that Line🤔

Among those created in Genesis 1 27 who were blessed, told to inhabit the earth and multiply unlike Adam and Eve who were originally confined to the garden and ejected, most certainly without a blessing. That removes the incest dilemma to which I think you are eluding.

The incest dilemma I’m fine with. It was acceptable at the time but now it isn’t. No issue. I just would like to know who married who, also who are the daughters of Adam and Eve? I never heard of them

Mm, yep, you probably won’t hear their names on this side of paradise.

Genesis 5:4 reminds us that Adam and Eve had “other sons and daughters,” so that’s where the wives came from. If it bothers you, just remember that Noah’s grandchildren married each other (first cousins), Moses’ dad married Dad’s aunt (Yoshebel), and Abraham married his half-sister. Technically Adam married himself (genetically speaking, that is).

I mention this because when I was young, the adults were too squeamish to mention it. This led to false teachings such as God supposedly creating “spirit wives” for Abel, Cain, and Seth. But that would mean that there were/are humans alive who are not exclusively descended from Adam and Eve. This would mean Jesus would have to find some other way to save them!

(EDIT: See also The City of God, Book XV, chapter 16 … it doesn’t include the names of the women either.)

For what it’s worth, the Book of Jubilees purports to list the Antediluvian matriarchs. (See especially chapter 4.) The book was rejected from canon because of inconsistencies with Genesis.

Here’s a pretty good article on the identity of Noah’s wife, from the Jewish perspective. In my opinion their interpretation is the best one I’ve found and I’ll stick with it unless something better comes along.

(I love linking to that article because so many Christians don’t have a problem with their Personal Lord and Savior being descended from some of the worst sinners on earth, but they flip and freak out when they realize that they are too! :grin:)

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We don’t know and they are not listed by name.

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