What is your dream job?

I have a hypothetical question. If you had the financial freedom to persue any job/occupation/activity that you could, what would you do?

Me? My husband and I would own/operate our own family farm. He loves dinkering with tractors, thinks combines are pretty cool, and we both love being outside and being around animals. Unfortunatly, the way farm prices are, we could never make it.

So, what would you do? What job would make you happy? Or are you in your dream job?

I think my profile says it all. I am looking at a late vocation. If not that, probably teaching in theology or philosophy (lots of training in all for me)


My dream job is halfway fufilled since i get to work as a Video Editor but the other half would be if I got to work for the history channel, discovery or work for Ken Burns:)…SO until that happens i count my blessings that I’m actually using those fours years of college for something beside a huge amount of debt…:slight_smile: Some of that of course is my husbands fault since he did his dream went to Franciscan and got a masters in theology.

What a fun question! If married, I would raise and homeschool a big brood, both biologically mine and adopted. I’d write a Catholic novel in my spare time (haha). If unmarried, I would start my own orphanage in Central America, with a child-rearing philosophy modeled after the natural family rather than a boarding school environment.

Or make cheese. :yup: Lots of cheese.

I’ve thought about this a bit. “Dream” jobs might include screenwriter or college professor. A realistic job would be high school teacher. That is actually what I am going to pursue. In fact, I just accepted a job as teacher’s aid at a continuation high school working with at risk teens. I guess I will give this a try and if I really like it, I’ll go back to school and get my teaching certificate. I’m pretty excited…

That does sound like a great idea! Congratulations!

A320 captain for Air Canada…I’ll get there, one day.

I would love to teach something, either theology or Spanish, although I would need to goto school for both - for a long time ( not too knowledgable in either at the moment).

I’d compose video game music. (Before you laugh, listen to Nobuo Uematsu or Yoko Kanno.) I guess I already do that, I just don’t get paid for it. Yet.

My dream job was to raise kids! I’m almost done and now have to figure out what to do next :slight_smile:

My background is in education, but after 14 yrs of homeschooling, I don’t know if I want to go back to a classroom.

I’m considering getting a masters in pastoral counseling and working w/ kids and families. —KCT

Taste tester for Ben & Jerry’s.

Well I’m making it to my dream job slowly but surely (I take the LSAT in February). I want to be a lawyer and work with school districts. I’ve always wanted to be involved in education in some way, but I knew that teaching wasn’t for me. I love the idea of working in the system to help provide quality public education. Eventually I’d like to get a Canon Law license. But first I need to get into law school!!!

Run a doggy daycare. What could be more fun than playing with doggies all day and still being able to pay the bills?

A couple of years ago I was researching and writing for the www.life.co.nz website and working with a web designer/developer to put it all together.

Now I am working for the same guy as a web designer/developer myself and he has helped me set up my own business and is teaching me everything I need to know about websites and running my own business.

I love this stuff after 30 years of raising kids as a SAHM for most of them. My kids aren’t sure if I qualify as a nerd or a geek but I go to work early and come home late and even work on my sites at home on the weekends…

I’ve been blessed enough to attend the top computer animation school in the country. Top animation studios send scouts to Ringling all the time to hire our seniors.

So my dream job once graduating is to land a job with Disney, Dreamworks, Blue Sky or Pixar. I also hope to work as a CORE member for the local Lifeteen program wherever I end up.

:dancing: :dancing: What could be more fun than singing and dancing with children everyday and getting paid to do it?! I’m an elementary music teacher and I LOVE my kiddos and my job! :dancing: :dancing: And then I come home and get to do the same with my own wild child! :angel1:

I’m also pursuing a PhD in Early Childhood Education - I think I want to be a college professor, but I’m still listening for God’s lead. :gopray:






To own my own coffee shop and bookstore.

I would love that, too. Maybe I could do that when I’m not farming!:stuck_out_tongue:

I want to be an immunology professor and researcher. I’m on the way: working on the immunology PhD now. It took much prayer, discernment, and 5 years of work in the field to make sure that this was my calling, but I’m very sure. Now I just have to get through my first year core classes…and find in my brain all of that stuff I learned in undergrad…I think it’s under the pile that includes the “Patty Duke Show” and “Mr. Belvedere” theme songs. :smiley:

I would work at Holy Cross Seminary or a traditional nuns convent in the guise of a lay volunteer, peeling spuds, cleaning loos, answering the phone or whatever in return for bed and board AND the priveledge of attending Mass daily, Compline etc.