What mystery of the Rosary do I pray during Lent?

Hi there everyone, I pray the Rosary daily and I have been doing the normal rotation of the mysteries since the start of Lent however I came across a passage in the Baltimore Catechism that says to ONLY pray the Sorrowful Mysteries during the Lenten season. I cannot find a solid church approved backed up answer for this so I would appreciate any help that I can get.

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Tl;Dr: What mystery do I pray during lent?

You can pray only the sorrowful mysteries or the usual schedule. Either works. It’s a private devotional, after all. What kind of Church backed answer are you looking for.


Thank you, I am just wondering if I Must Pray this devotional a certain way. like the Baltimore Catechism says I Must pray only sorrowful mysteries however that catechism was written long ago and this may have changed.

Ideally you would pray all four sets of Mysteries every day of the year, but just one a day is sufficient. The schedule says Sorrowful throughout Lent, but you don’t have to follow the schedule.

Unless, you have a Catechism from thrb1960’s, it is the new one—10yrs ago?
Lent is reflective of Jesus’s suffering and death.
The sorrowful is appropriate. Reflecting on scripture verses concerning the agony in garden, his arrests and beatings and His death.
There is a normal schedule like, JOYOUS=Mon. and Sat. Sorrowful=Tues. and Fri. GLORIOUS=Wed. and Sun. Thurs=Luminous. You can continue w normal rotation. I use to say
Mon was Joyous, Tues was Sorrowful. Wed was Glorious, Thurs was Joyous and Fri was Sorrowful and Sat. was Glorious. Sun was Joyous. I just said them in order.
As one comment implies, it can be a free for all, as you chose the rotation. It is a private prayer. For a time after 9/11, I prayed only the Sorrowful.
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Yes, like the others have said, you can pray how you want.

If I’m praying the Rosary during Lent, I will just focus on the Sorrowful Mysteries only, just so that I can make it a point of really trying to focus on Our Lord’s Passion. That’s just a personal choice that I make for myself. :slightly_smiling_face:

May God bless you on your Lenten journey of faith! :slightly_smiling_face:

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