What should we do if a holy statue breaks?

If a statue of a Saint or a Crucifix falls to the ground and breaks what should we do? If the statue is blessed would the tiny little pieces that you can’t really pick up be sacred?

Someone can correct me if I am wrong, but I think the proper way is to bury all the pieces. I know one is not supposed to simply through them in the trash. God Bless.

Bury them, or burn them if possible. I recommend you bury them in a special spot though, and mark it so you know where it is.

I agree with you… I would bury the pieces and have done so

To the point that if you own no shovel or land you should buy a shovel and dig up a secluded spot in a park? (Asked in all sincerity.)

Burn it.

My knowledge of the science involved is poor indeed. How do you burn a ceramic statue, or a stone one, or a glass one? Perhaps even a plastic one? To what extent do these reduce to ashes? If you can, what is the process - get a bucket and some kind of lighter fluid and go to the parking lot of your apartment?

If it is made of wood, plastic, or any matter that can be burned, burn it. There’s really no process, as long as you burn it reverently (no howling and indian dancing :smiley: ), if it can’t be burned, the bury them. I am a sculpture and painter and have been restoring statues from wood, stone, concrete fiberglass. My guess is that what you have is made of Plaster of Paris or Porcelain. If there’s a chance you can repair it, please do. Just puzzle the bigger parts, and as for the very small tiny pieces, you can go to a craft store and buy plaster of paris to fill them in, or using glue and pulverized chalk mixed together, apply or use them as fillers. If it’s a crucifix and if you dont have much idea with painting it after, just paint the broken filled lines with red pain so it will look like blood. :slight_smile: hope this helps

Statues are not inherently holy. They were blessed as they were when full and intact: a symbol, a remembrance, a memorial of a good person. Once they’re broken, they’re just chunks of marble. I for one don’t believe that God is forced to keep blessing something after it has become useless and broken. It’s just a bunch of rubbish after all. :slight_smile: Throw it away!

Focus more on the holy creations that are your fellow human beings around you!

I love statues- I have literally hundreds- my whole house is full of them and I adore them all- having so many of them and many Holy pictures etc. sometimes- although totally unintentional it is very easy to knock things over or they can fall over and sometimes be completely broken and other times we are unable to fix them. Statues are Holy and Special but its not sinful or wrong to break them by accident and we must never feel ashamed of such things- totally different matter if we destroy them on purpose. When I was younger and an ignorant child I heard somebody say that Catholic/Orthodox icons were idolatry and sinful so I took all my beautiful icons and destroyed them and put them in the garbage- that was wrong of me but I did not understand and God realises I was only a silly child. I think that now I am old enough to understand, this is why I have so many icons and statues now because I once disrespected them- through error and misunderstanding I was told it was “idol worship” yet now I know it’s not and I love and adore and honour them & can’t get enough.

I have broken quite a few statues in my time (always by accident) I have always made an effort to fix them/ glue them back together- even if they don’t look as nice… I have such love for Our Lady & the saints that I try to put them back together or I get help in fixing them. I have always repaired my statues or in some cases where they can’t be fixed I have made them look as nice as I can and given them away to the “free religious items box” at Church.

If a Holy Statue is totally smashed to bits and there is no way that is can be repaired, the custom is normally to bury the statue if possible- never to be put into the bin or if it is to be disposed of is done with respect for its Holiness and never put in the normal “garbage”. I remember years ago when a rosary which was given to me personally by the Pope as a child broke- my non Catholic mother- at the time not understanding and in total ignorance threw some of the beads in the bin (trash)- I am horrified when things like that happen (she now understands that was wrong & has since become a Catholic) and the Holy Rosary, although not perfect has been restored minus a few beads. My mother now helps me fix any statue that breaks and is very good at it.

I always think that we can learn from our mistakes. It occurred to me recently when I broke a beautiful statue by accident- that in the same way it was smashed to pieces and I spent ages making the Saint look perfect again…metaphorically speaking in the same way this is what God does to our beautiful Soul when we are broken through sin- he heals us and nourishes us through the Sacraments “putting us back together again”. His merciful hands put us back and restore us, yes we may still not be 100% perfect but he can still use us and we can still be of help to others in some way- it’s the same for statues. Some of the most beautiful and awe inspiring statues are those which have been broken or destroyed and lovingly put back together again. There is a famous statue of Our Lady at the English seminary in Spain which was destroyed by English pirates and was going to disposed of, but it was rescued by a member of the Spanish royal family and even though it was now ugly and broken it still inspired devotion and even in the state it was, it was in was enshrined in the seminary chapel to remind people that we too are broken yet God can use us for good purpose!