What things try your patience the most?

For me, it is traffic and talking to CSRs on the phone. I end up snapping.
Fortunately in traffic, I don’t end up driving like a lunatic, I just end up yelling to no one in particular since I am usually by myself (although if I have a passenger it drive me crazy.) I honestly don’t see how homemakers can put up with the insane amount of driving they have to do. Usually, I work 40-50 hours a week and I dread my day off because of all the errands I have to run.
But when I talk to CSRs on the phone I usually end up snapping. I don’t have any patience!! I usually employ a tactic where I ask the CSR to repeat back what I have said; without fail they cannot and then I blow a gasket.

Also traffic. Red light runners, jay-walkers, those who cut in without signaling, tailgaters, etc etc etc

I have my big lesson regarding traffic. About 3 or 4 months ago, I was driving and there was this car kept changing lanes and never use the signals. I was annoyed by that and started to think “I wish the police was around to catch this guy driving like crazy. He could cause an accident!”

What happened next? - It was who changed to the right lane and forgot to turn my head back to see if there was any car. There was a car in the blind spot. I almost caused an accident- not the guy!.

So, it was my impatience that I who might’ve caused the accident.

My lesson - whenever I see someone driving like that, I pray God to protect Him and to remind Him to drive carefully. My impatience on the road has been reduced tremendously. :slight_smile:

I am not that great of a driver. Sorry if I have tried anyones patience.:blush: I don’t have patience when it comes to priests who aren’t charitable. They admonish the faithful for their faithfulness and praise the unfaithful. It boggles me.:frowning:

i usually only get crabby when my health gets painful.if it is really painful, i get crabby and then i feel bad about being crabby. fortunately for me, i have a very patient and loving husband! honestly, i don’t know what i’d do without him! :thumbsup:

like last night, we were in the supermarket, and i was cranky, but not impolitely so. i usually am not that bad. the teller asked me how i was doing, you know, friendly like, and i said truthfully, cranky. i don’t lie about my moods.not to placate anyone. i always tell the truth. i was not impolite, and she just goes, oh. so she looked elsewhere and not at me. i was glad for that. in no way was i unfriendly to her. just told her the truth.

other things that make me cranky, are when people talk and talk and talk and talk. sometimes, my DH has a very bad habit of talking to much. i don’t like it. i lovingly tell him, honey, your prattling on. he goes, oh sorry! iam like, its quite alright :slight_smile: i do things that irritate him to, and we both try hard not to do it. we usually discuss it. then end up laughing over it. :slight_smile:

i think when things irritate us, we have to take time out and just wind down a bit. sure, being stuck in traffic with my atrociously painful back does not help. but i try hard not to complain. i really do. my hubby rarely and i mean rarely gets irritated. usually he gets a little frown on his forehead and that is his irritation level.
he never yells, or screams or acts out badly. he is a wonderful man. now me on the other hand, well, i bark when iam mad. i don’t scream or yell, i bark. i will bark and trust me, it gets the point across. i don’t like doing it, but i do do it. i usually say sorry and try not to be in the same space as the one who irritated me enough to get me to bark. i usually just turn around and leave.
i take time to cool off. and this is the best thing one can do, and immediately offer it up to Jesus and say the Act of Contrition!
i do that alot!:thumbsup:

Here’s one that always gets my goat. People who use the express lane in a store even though they have over the allotted amount, then write a check (that the don’t even start until after the total is tallied and they have argued one or two items pricing). If you are going to take ten minutes to check out, don’t use the express lane.

As a result, I always let people with a small number of items jump ahead of me, even when I am not in the express lane.

The little trials.

Over time I have grown to love the little trials, so I hope I grow to bear them better. The little things are so important and Jesus is present in them all, so I hope to do well in the little things and offer a good prayer of my life to Jesus

In the Living Prayer of my life

My co-workers. To them I’m a moron that can’t do anything right. I’m just some dork that plays video games and thinks of nothing. They have NO idea! I love them though. I pray for them every week. But my boss, wow, if you even try to disagree with him on ANYTHING, work related or not, then you’re stupid. That’s how I feel at least. But the other guy “Joe the Great” can’t do anything wrong. Even though he boasts about how he hasn’t dusted his floor in over a year, and that my boss never says anything. But if there’s a speckle of dust on my floor that takes a microscope to be seen, well then my boss is all over me. Whatever.:stuck_out_tongue:

Oh I have a story about not using blinkers–the headlights went out on my car. My mechanic fixed the headlights on my car but when I got the car back all of a sudden the blinkers were broke. Whenever I turned on my blinkers, the windshield wipers would come on and stay on. Then I would get so distracted trying to get the windshield wipers off I would end up not paying attention to my driving. So I wouldn’t use my blinkers. (Of course my mechanic refused to fix the problem, said my car was old and it was a coincidence this problem started immediately after he fixed the master control/switch.)

Okay, I’m pretty certain my case is an exception and 98% of the people who aren’t using their blinkers out there are just being inconsiderate.

I hate it when mean people snap at me. I’m a real person with feelings and I don’t like being trampled on just so someone can gratify their own ego at my expense. :mad: I have to pray for the patience not to go to war with such people. :knight2: Recently, I confronted a co-worker (in a christian way mind you :thumbsup: ) about her angry, disrespectful tone of voice toward me. Both she and I talked about this to our supervisor. Needless to say, her tone of voice was no longer abusive from then on (although she only spoke to me when absolutely necessary which is fine by me :wink: ) She did seem extremely disappointed that she could no longer unload her frustrations on me. Sometimes I think some people are there just to try one’s patience. :rolleyes:

The complete annihilation of the English Language. I suppose Grammar is no longer being taught to children in our schools. They must be too busy educating them about how to put condoms onto cucumbers and how having two mommies is just fabulous to be bothered with the tedium of contractions and sentence structure!:rolleyes:

My pet peeve is employers who expect 24 X 7 work from their employees. People are expected to walk around packing their PC’s all over the place and to jump if their cell phones ring at 2:00 a.m.

This is very common, and it is just nuts! I know several people (some of them very young) who died very unexpectedly. They were all incurable workaholic employer-pleasers.

This is very family unfriendly. It is also counter-productive. It will probably take a new federal law to get this changed. For heaven’s sake, the population is getting older! Let’s make it standard to have 20 hour per week jobs that even have some medical benefits!

I agree with the traffic and CSR aggravation. These new CS phone menus drive me crazy, especially the ones you have to talk to-inevitably the machine doesn’t get the word right the first time and you get “Sorry, I didn’t understand, please repeat” from the robot.
I live in NJ which is the most congested state in the nation. Commuting to work every day is about the nearest occasion of sin that exists for me.

Kids fighting, arguing, refusing to follow my directions. ERRR…

As a daddyof4 , I know your pain. We just had our Sunday “talk”.

Frustrating, isn’t it? :frowning:

I gave them a fire and brimestone sermon. That will cool their jets for the night. Tim

Small things that make me want to cry:
sinus tablets all wrapped up in their cardboard and foil. They wrap them as if they don’t want you to open them…ever. I get a bigger headache trying to open them.

one oreo cookie left in a package. Just eat it , whoever left it there, just eat it:( When I go to get the package I am so happy until I open it. I need at least six cookies (okay more).

But you know the GOOD thing about these frustrations?? My husband has pity on me , and opens the sinus tablets for me. The oreo cookies wouldn’t be gone unless my kids ate them, and I love them.

Noise. I need lots of quiet, or else I’ll start crying and feeling sick. Sometimes a day in my high school is enough to make me want to scream, curl up into a corner and wail like a baby. I don’t know why this is, but I need a lot of quiet time to be able to stay patient and considerate of other people. I wonder if this is why I’m pursuing a career in library science…hmmmm… :wink:

  1. Noise with no reasonable purpose behind it.

  2. Belligerent, ill-mannered children with parents who encourage their behavior or do nothing to stop it.

  3. People who create their own problems and then waste your time whining about how hard their lives are.

  4. My stupid cat who pooped on the floor right next to her clean litter box today right after she peed in it. Twice.