What to Wear at Baby's Baptism

What is appropriate to wear to my son’s baptism? Is black okay to wear or is it necessary to wear white or light colors? Is a dress preferred?

Also, my son will be only two weeks old at the time of his baptism. Is it really necessary to put my baby in a christening gown or dressy outfit? I’ve checked with the Church and they said there’s no set rule about what baby should wear. I was thinking of keeping it simple and dressing him in a white onesie/bodysuit that has a cross embroidered on it and wrapping him in a white matching blanket. I heard that most babies even dressed up are already wrapped up in a blanket anyway before the end of the ceremony. Any comments or advice would be helpful. Thanks and God bless!

Any decent outfit that you normally wear to church is ok. My understanding that the option of a special outfit is that - optional, but I am not an expert. God bless you and your baby boy!

At 2 weeks postpartum, wear whatever is most comfortable for you and suitable for church. Seriously … don’t worry about what you’re wearing.

Yes, you can go quite simple on the outfit for baby–one of my sons was baptized wearing a simple white cotton nightgown (the kind that has the drawstring in the bottom).

for parents, godparents and guests, wear whatever is appropriate for church. modesty being key, and you may have to remind some family members who have lost touch with that concept.

for the baby,find out if he will be baptized by immersion or by pouring, or if you have a choice, these questions should have been covered in your parent classes. If by immersion, just a onesie and diaper, which are removed (wouldn’t be my choice but I’m just the grandma) just prior to the dunking, and have a big towel ready. then he is taken to another room to be changed, into something white is traditional, and a sign of the sacrament, but it does not have to be an expensive suit or gown. In any case he will probably be given a symbolic white garment resembling a bib.

if by pouring, wear what is traditional in your culture, since often the godparents buy the outfit, let them go for it.

In our parish, whether the babies are baptized by immersion or pouring (parents’ choice and many opt for immersion) the parents are asked to dress them in colored clothing because, even when baptism is by pouring, the child will be presented with the baptismal garment by the godmother at the time that the words “See in this white garment…” are said, then will be taken aside to be dressed in it while a hymn is sung. When baby is dressed he/she is brought back for the presentation of the light and the ephpheta rite.

I see plaenty of black at the baptisms at our parish. Especially in the fall and winter when many clothes are darker colors anyway. You should wear what is comfortable and modest, it being slightly dressy would just be a bonus. Your son will be fine in a onsie or sleeper. It is cold out and he’s just a bitty baby.

I would stick with the “dont wear red or black” advice. Light colors and happy fabrics seem like the best options. With all the floral styles covering stores right now, it shouldn’t be hard to find these styles at ANY store right now. :slight_smile: Just make sure it is church appropriate. To answer your questions about what to buy, I would suggest you check out baptism gifts, or rosary necklaces . These seem to be the norm for baptism gifts.

Why do women fret so? I recall that when extraordinary ministers were first introduced, the women thus appointed turned to each other and said, ‘What are you going to WEAR?’

Clothes, of course!:smiley:

thread is 4 years old - kid is in preschool already!