Whatever happened to father John Corapi?

I use to watch Father John Corapi a lot. He was a very dedicated priest from what I could see. He had quite a following of people wanting to know there faith. He did a CCC series that I like to watch and other good talks as well. Need more priest like that ( old fire and brimstone) We need that back in the church.


Sad to say his whereabouts are inconclusive.


It’s all very sad. We should continue to pray for him.


Well I think it’s ashame. In his talks he would say about how the seminaries are teaching bad theology because a lot of our seminaries have Protestant professors to teach a Catholic Doctrine. Oil and water don’t mix. I heard the Church told him to step back from preaching on Hell and on any other negative Doctrine that rubs people the wrong way. What the Church ways meaning some bishops and priest is to live in a fairytale land where there is no consequence for people’s actions. He was calling certain Bishop’s and priest out. Now Corapi has no Facebook no website no Twitter. It’s like he’s been whipped off the face of the earth. Well my prayers are with him he really was a good priest bringing people back to Christ


Personally, I think he had a mental breakdown. Someone hypothesized this. He was very successful and had little or no oversight from his order. I think he was becoming a bit prideful and unfortunately relapsed into his old ways. It doesn’t negate anything good he did. Hopefully, his family or someone is helping him lay low and get himself together.


Well I hope one day he comes back he was a good tool for the kingdom and brought a lot of people back to the faith.



On July 5, 2011, Father Gerald Sheehan, Corapi’s religious superior in the Society of Our Lady of the Trinity, released a press statement accusing Corapi of drug and alcohol abuse, “sexting”, having an affair with a former prostitute, and violating his promise of poverty as a perpetually professed member of the society by owning more than $1 million in real estate, numerous luxury vehicles, motorcycles, an ATV, a boat dock, and several motor boats. He stated, “SOLT’s prior direction to Fr. John Corapi not to engage in any preaching or teaching, the celebration of the sacraments or other public ministry continues. Catholics should understand that SOLT does not consider Fr. John Corapi as fit for ministry.”[19]

On July 7, 2011, Corapi announced that he would not obey Sheehan’s order to relocate from Montana and take up residence in a house of the society. According to a Catholic News Service report, he said he would not return to the order, and that he had resigned from the priesthood on June 17, two days short of the 20th anniversary of his ordination.[20]


Massive disobedient hypocritical Pharisees are NOT what we need in the Church - we’ve already got way too many of them.


I have to say I am always amazed by the lack of obedience in Catholics today. Not just in this case but in general. After reading the Divine mercy diary and learning more since then I am amazed at how lightly people take the virtue of obedience. If my priest and especially my religious superior or bishop ordered me to do something you better bet I would be on it instantly (assuming of course it wasn’t something objectively wrong like renounce the faith).

I fear greatly for the souls of those who act in disobedience to Christ and His Church.


One can’t resign from the priesthood. What I was always told once a priest always a priest.


You can resign from the ministry of the Priesthood and stop carrying out any Priestly duties.

Ordination, like Baptism and Chrismation, leaves an indelible mark on the soul, so in that sense, once a priest always a priest.

However, it’s the same with baptism - technically, once a Catholic always a Catholic.

But not many people would argue that Martin Luther died as a Catholic Priest - most would say he died as a Protestant minister, or even as a heretical apostate.

Well I don’t know what the churches stance is on Luther. But I know he was excommunicated and a heretic

All of the “superstar” priests need our prayers. The temptations for them are far greater than for those of us just plodding along, unknown.

I cannot help but believe that Fr Corapi is living a life of quiet cloister in some religious community. If he were out in the world, we would know it.


I watched videos of people crying asking for father Corapi to come back. I just can’t believe that he would be that cold in his heart would be that hard that he would forget his flock for things of this world

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Never underestimate the power of sin.



That seems a bit rash judgemental.

First, we should avoid making any conjecture about the reasons for his leaving the active priesthood, the possible arguments by him, his diocese, or his religious order. We do not know the facts, and it is uncharitable to publicly guess.

Second, a priest only ministers as part of the Church, under that delegation. He does not have the ability to “come back” on his own. Prayers for him are certainly appropriate. His current activity would be his own business, though he may share it with those he chooses to.

If he was a successful teacher, his “flock” has been steered in the direction of coming closer to God, for the rest of their lives. When a really good spiritual teacher has finished, people hardly remember his name; they are so focused on love of God, and love of neighbor.

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They why prayer, adoration and indulgences are good tools to help us and to bring other Souls back to the faith

@Carmel why? It’s the truth.

He relapsed into drugs and frequenting prostitutes and all sorts of charades. Then he was disobedient to his superiors… he was obviously not acting this way out of immense, Christlike humility - which means it was prideful, not humble.

Sometimes the truth is judgmental and sometimes it hurts.